FROZEN Makeup Tutorial: Elsa & Anna

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Annie Marie: Aw, you guys are gorgeous! Couldn't have chosen a better tutorial, fits you both so perfectly.

IrkenInvaderPenelope: just wanted to point this out...for Anna you forgot make freckles on her cheeks ^^ but other then that everything else is good 

PurplePandaGamer: I'm not hating on the look but when will you actually have to use an Elsa/Anna look?

Alexandra Jordan: Love the background music!!! :)

Bailey Layne: These looks were spot on!!

Chic Francisco: God bless your video. :-)

Hollie Evans: how do you do the hair

nur Fatihah: I♥it, i,ll give you 10 star★★★★★★★★★★.

Leah R.: Is your hair naturally like that? Sorry, this is my first video I've watched by you!!

Emma Louise: love this! your sisters hair colour is gorgeous

msChriserelle: You guys are so similar to the characters. how adorable!

fanny olvera: Wow I love the make up of frozen O:-)

Lilith Shaia: a lot of steps for elsa little for anna but still looks beautiful!!

Mustafa Feroze: you look gorgeous I loved Elsa's look it was so awsome

Taylor C: That's so cute how you guys worked out in coloring like that! Wonderful tutorial :)

Shelby Grimac: your skin is flawless 

dolphinlover1014u: +Hayley Segar loved the tutorial, they were so on!! :) Also what was the glitter that you used for your look on Elsa, can you please list the products that you used? Could you please do an updated video on how you get your blonde hair if you don't use the same hair dye that you used in your first blonde maintenance video please? :)

Brenda Kelly: you guys look amazing!!!

Alex Curtis: This is perfect!! 

Genevieve Thompson: What concealer do you use it was so unreal how well they cover your circles up!!!

tarabeautyxo: Its literally fate that you guys have the corresponding hair colors!

summerluv888: You guys are so adorable!

Laura Bury: U look soooooooooooooooo nice

ForeverGal: You two look just like the frozen sisters!!!! AMAZING MAKEUP

Nayla Syh: The blush is to many

Stacy Sheley: love this and frozen!!

Christina Moreschi: That was the most adorable video yet! So perfect for both of you! You should do this for Halloween together, it would be so cute!

MissRissxo: You both should totally Disneybound as Anna and Elsa!!! :D 

Jess I.: This is absolutely perfect!

Millie Malloy: Is you hair naturally that blonde?

Steve Griffiths: Do the movie of frozen please and it is my birthday today

shanscottburg: Ohhh I just reliesed she is playing the music or is she

reicheru: If you use that YSL lip stain one more time, I think I am gonna have to get it for sure! I keep forgetting but then I see it again... And I love how you both had perfect hair for the sisters!

Emma Stone: I LOOOVE elsa too she's like me and i love the movie too😍. I love your nails color in the video which is that?

Jadey Amelia: How does she record her voice out of the video?

FearlessBeauty: I am in love with this <3 I posted a tutorial inspired by Frozen a few days ago <3 I will love everyone who checks it out, and I will love you even more if you subscribe :-)

S Niner: You look a lot like Elsa :-)

Toria blah: Your sister reminds me of drew berrymore

Akami Salyer: Cool do it to me please :( Ferizzel my jizzel

Anne Montgomerie: i like elsa's purple eye line and i like anna's rosy red lips

BethBelle3: slightly obsessed with Olaf from the movie LOL... this was perfect movie for the two of you. great looks!!!!! 

Delanie L Burke: Hey guys please go check out my Anna makeup tutorial. It was my first makeup tutorial so it's not the best but I tried! Please check it out!! 

Maizie Edwards: U forgot about the freckles

Brooke Richards: this is perfection <333

itskatiiexo: Omg this is so cute

❄FROZEN Makeup Tutorial: Elsa & Anna❄ 4.7 out of 5

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❄FROZEN Makeup Tutorial: Elsa & Anna❄
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❄FROZEN Makeup Tutorial: Elsa & Anna❄