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Dancraft 713: BRAZIL!! 
(Oh man I hate here Brazil the peoples uses kkk like a laught. It's horrible )

WbsurfingMonkey: The bags called a Haversack, the gloves are inners and outers and your mask is specifically modified for corrective lenses - You could have added a comment about the inner clips which you adjust to prevent the mask misting (under the chin)
Chris EGME: @ K O, I picked NRG because they were decently priced and the hub adapter, hub and wheel that would work for my car. You could go for higher end ones if you want to spend the money. My setup has been holding up well and I don't regret getting it.
sei okubo: nice review!! バンカーリング検索でたどり着きました。面白いです。
Justin Officer: Kind of father that gets in fist fights at little league games 
θωμας καζνεσης: bravo from greece
Ruthanne Sprague: I have an acrylic tub and ceremic sink and toilet...does this work on all different materials...would love to update the look of my bathroom
Contractubex TVC