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jdm94delsol: oh snap! THAT'S FREAKIN CRAZY! the fit is hella GO! lol
the AWESOME K: How long does it take for it ti arrive?
MaDPyschoOo1611: Fatma I am in Egypt but I can't find it in Souq.com!! Can u help??
DeportedFob: @Tubbsmcfat it tells u the minimum is 3g
RedneckHunter Outdoors: yeesssss love this video! go grab my beer lol!
stibbards: Once connected, remove memory card then press the middle button. Now type in ..\ and hit enter
ferdzc: obviously rener888 is not into practical shooting. does not know what he's talking about.By the way... that was a clean run bro, good speed hitting those poppers. Could use a little improvement on the draw though... but it was a decent run.
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