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Nicholas Moore: is this game out in the US yet?
yesii :3: maldt hackero de cash :v espero q ya te la hayan suspendido :p NO A LOS HACKERS! :c
‫العاب Gamer‬‎: كم ايفون 5 s
StevexNYCperformance: it can be done while on the car but its a lot easier this way.
Maria Bardo: My opinion... the best coffee maker in the world is a Greca. You can find it on the internet as stove top espresso maker or italian stove top espresso maker. For less than $10. you will brew the best coffee ever.
Js.Trickshots: So I know it takes time but how long do you think till 3 comes out
Anna Eriksson: When i try to run the game after installation....it ask me for "The Sims 3 University life disc" Why? And how do i get rid of the problem? I want to play my new sims game....Not University life,,,,,
Contractubex TVC