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robbieraeful: I know there were no 2014 rail cars in 2013 because they do not have model years, but were there 2013 police cars in 2012?
CoCo Goddess: How do you curl your hair with the flexi rods 
Karenn Vera: ESTAN GENIALS LOS TRUCOS T DOY MI GAMERTAG ES mau ordonez o mauordnez no recuerdo esq ia no juego mucho
Gus Lopez: That Jumpman on the tongue I dnt know, looks kind of thin.
pei bossman: at either end of the crankshaft, are there bearings or bushings, and, are there oil seals at each end?...thanks...
RMB Offroading: why would you change the green ranger to the blue ranger ????
Grady Thompson: God....remove the rat tail
El sorprendente hombre araña la pelicula parte 2