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alvin toehold: Does that have a good speed test
BILAL AHMED: interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for choosing sex of baby try Grathaw Choose Gender Expert (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

Nguyễn Thắng (Clip): Hình nhỏ quá
Hero Skillet: Tu es beaucoup trop dur avec ce film : en quoi la fin et ses twists sont ridicules ? Pas plus que dans Fight Club ! En quoi le titre est racoleur ? En quoi, les scènes de cul sont nuls ? Je ne dit pas que le film est excellent mais la je ne te comprend pas du tout.
gator340: I had one of these for a few weeks and shot it a lot to get used to it. I was excited by the size  of it and being 9mm for personal carry. I had always qualified as expert pistol in my dept. weather revolver or auto. The trigger pull was so long the gun moved around in my hand and accuracy was non-existent, even on a rest at 10 yards. Also after 100 rounds of ammo it began to loosen up. It rattled like a box of paperclips. I understand that these problems have been corrected. I hope so, because the only people that should have one of these in their hand is the person shooting AT you -they will NOT hit you. My local gun shop would not even take it as a trade, I'm on good terms with them. I had bought in another city at a good price"?" But my local dealer said he had every one of the LC9's he sold come back quickly, no matter the buyer. Everyone found it to be crap. So it went back to the dealer I got it from. BEWARE of the LC9.
GeekyRainbowDrinker: I'm currently playing with a very interesting party. First off, our two clerics are our tanks. Then we have a Dragonfire Adept that... had an encounter with the Fae. Our Elven archer gets a +12 every time he shoots, our bard acts like a French Indiana Jones, we have a Bastard sword wielding princess, and I play a half Drow rogue in a non evil campaign.
1FanToM371: just ordered mine today,can't wait to shoot it.
El sorprendente hombre araña la pelicula parte 2