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PPGCSuicide: Very great Vacuum cleaner xD O.O
mikey9835: The amount of kids who play this game really surprises me because that means every single kids mom or dad went to a game store, saw a game with a man holding a gun on the front cover with an 18 rating on it, and they thought " This will be fine, what's the worse that could happen?" And than make a ridiculous rant to get attention. The most common story I've heard is a 7 year old killed a family member with a gun and parents blame this on video games. Wait a minute what's a child doing with a gun? Who just leaves a gun in the reach of children? Wake up moms and dads and accept that you were freaking wrong for once. I can't wait to get all the replies from moms for justice drones who pretend their opinion is all that matters. Anyway. Nice vid :)
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Paula Andrea Pérez Muñoz: Yours videos are fantastic........
John Wolf: the pyro is a guy check the model without the mask
El sorprendente hombre araña la pelicula parte 2