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SpeadHopeLikeFire: (Can I still enter? I hope so!!! I subbed to you and to everyone else you asked us to and I liked this video!) If a long dress is evening wear, what is a suit of armor? Silverware.
Alexei Timashkov: can you show how to unmount it from an AMD socket? I'm trying to upgrade the CPU and I can't remove this cooler =((((
accountnumber102: Uh... he got injured fighting Megatron? XD
Derek Daniels: Were is apex? He hasent made a vid in awhile
Tracy Lawson: Idiots open plane doors on ROBLOX flights.
Maxime Vincent: You ser are so pro that you forget that maybe developers spent more time optimising for certain hardwares for their software.
MD Rahat: mathai nosto mama
interior Hyundai i25 Hatchback 2014 versión para Colombia FULL HD