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Cygwin: Its better you keep us waiting with a quality video instead of a useless one like this one. Just my two cents.
Hannah Gray: best video ever.But where is Frankie's hands ????
Chris Gruno: Same question as Jeff. What's you're cruising speed with both engines?
Prox Assassin: i had to pause this video at half way and play with the EM1 (on xbox) even though it sucks, and I must say it's the most fun I have had in a while.
Jesus Gudsson: Few things in the game of fotball is so esteticly beautiful as to see Iniesta play. One of the best offensive midfielders ever. Only player that can compete with Paul Scholes as my personal fav midfielder. Sure they have a total diffirent playstyles but those 2 guys take on the game of fotball with such perfection in their own way.
Victor Sapatanga: I love my mom

Dat Fella: freaking talk instead of typing you little roosterhead... freaking annoying as freak.
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