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Laura Thompson: Informative and adorable :)Thanks!
Richy James: Awww thanks vince i will look now
shidorikuroko: Thanks for the informative video. :) Might want to do a little video editing in the future to snip out the waiting bits.
Manit Gandhi: galaxy s5 I want one
VapeLAW: thought about these speakers once..... then i thought about where they would be in my car and driving at night lol
the give a nice little light show and in my experience with dual (brand in general) there not the worst you can buy. not saying they're bad but you cant complain because of their price either. I would go with anything from dual over mid range pioneer every day.

CountContessa: Oh yeah, yo´re from Sweden, IKEA everywhere in you living room, lol xd. BTW, you´re sexy :$
GamingTroll: BibanuClaudelu,de cand cantitatea de compnente dintr-un amplificator reflecta si calitatea lui? Iti fac un amplificator praf dar ti-l umplu cu piese sa ti se para wow...imi dai pretul dublu fata de unul care face acelasi lucru dar are doar piesele necesare sa-si indeplineasca functia? Nu cred ca mi-ai da...desi din ce se observa din spusele tale,tu mergi pe cantitate nu pe calitate....pari exact genul de om care si-ar cumpara kit-urile alea de "2x500 W de la Mivarom doar pentru ca e ditamai placa si are o caruta de piese pe ea...
interior Hyundai i25 Hatchback 2014 versión para Colombia FULL HD