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kaituba: The Diana's winder knob should be engaged with the advance mechanism of the 35mm adapter, so that when you turn it, the takeup spindle of the adapter turns. If it isn't turning, try reinstalling the adapter. Turn the winder knob to line up the tab of the Diana's spool winder with slots on the adapter. If it does turn, but the counter wheel and numbers aren't moving, then the film may not be engaging the sprocket gear that drives the counter. A quick check and reload may correct this problem.
Colin Smith: Lightroom 5 came out yesterday. Here is how to upgrade your catalog from beta to the final release. (I recorded this for LR4, but it's identical for LR5 in every way)
Daniel Demčák: Viete niekto ako je to s tým hlukom v aute je to len pri benzínovej verzií alebo aj pri naftovej ? Veľmi ma to zaujíma lebo mám záujem kúpiť to auto len ma odrádza ten hluk.
andrey yashin: ээээээээээээээээмммммм
mr t: Thanks for the video really got a hold of me wanting to see more boxes being opened to see whats inside, even though I dont collect I still have all my old toys/collectables from when I was young ohh the memories lol happy hunting
Finnian Anderson: cool! could you send me the exact instructions?? Please
Hayley0807: You did such a good job with this video! We went last year in Feb and they did not have the magic bands then and we stayed at Coronado Springs. We are going back this Dec so I'm excited to use them!! 
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