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Rasmus Lindstrøm: Great review. Thank you. Tesla is fairly new in Denmark and im very into the idea :)
gary n: your errors at 100 yards will be 4 times the amount recorded at 25yards(simple physics ). to have identical groupings at both 25 yards and 100 yards doesnt actually make sense and that would only be widened taking environmental factors into account. that being said, lovely .5moa grouping for the 100 yard target considering you got over 2moa at 25 yards. weird you didnt find the 77gr becomes unstable at long range such as 600yards. there is some weird stuff going on with these results. 
smith thomas: Very well presentation. Now i know much about the classifications of drags. Thanks much 
kasshyyk220: I don't remember seeing that episode...so dose megas gets owned or what?
steven argueta juarez: amigo puedes subir mas videos de como tener diamantes infinitos en la granja hay day responde porfa
thebatboy12345: Q. Hey Do u think Lu kang will return in MKX because he died in MK9??? 
Shawn Young: sorry about the volume
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