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oscarflores65: @kobepower wow! wat kind of insurance do u have?!? i pay waaayyy less than that. alil more than 1/2
javi jimenez: porfvorrrrrrrrrrrr ayudaaaaaa
Jonathan Grunwald: This one looks nice, fun, Im truly impress and interested, not like on the Quine Marry 2, it is nice but lot of people with something stuck in there ass. And they do not have rooms with like 2 single beds, for me and my son.
Ashton Ramirez: Lol....stick to power rangers kid
Wesley Leggett: I skip most "blockbusters", at least first run, as I find them too formulaic to bother. This film is one that I will make the effort to see at the theater. Many thanks for the heads up and for the excellent commentary.
The RailTechie: A king cobra would eat them both. :D
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