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Joshua McCaffrey Insomniax: Thanks very much, very well done and easy to follow. I haven't shot mine yet, but needed a 1911 after having to sell my Sig Sauer 1911 GSR so hope this does the trick...
sammy6blades: How big of a rider is the guy in this video?
94XJ: Still have one of these with an x2 5200 and a pair of 9600s. Great old board and an awesome price at the time.
Jakethesnake: Can you please make a video showing you play Super Metroid on the ds? thank you for reading this +Alex Tamulis 
devin norris: Wow now ik how to survive in my living room chuckle Chuvash
Lisa Baggs: u should have open up the bos and show ever thing in side that is what i wanted to see be for i by it 
samuel barreto: esse firmware é do Sagem F@st 3764
Kasowanie Inspekcji MERCEDES B KLASA W245 Oil Service Indicator Light Reset  MERCEDES B CLASS W245