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Unknown Productions: first one nice animation like always how you do that
BaoZakeruga: Dat ******* beat!
CanuckGlammapus: Yes you can, that is where I first saw it. I was in the Claire's store in Bath, then I came home and bought it. That was back in March though.
buzzsaw301: Bear has really stepped it up recently. I wouldnt trade my matthews creed for anything out there though, smoothest draw out there
まえちゃんねる MAECHANNEL: 本日の動画です!ようやく連結出来るようになりましたw
arpeggi8: to answer some of your questions there is a build thread if you follow the link above. thanks
22623501: Why do they ride really cool bikes but wear dork like clothing. Ffs this was brandos bike
Kasowanie Inspekcji MERCEDES B KLASA W245 Oil Service Indicator Light Reset  MERCEDES B CLASS W245