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Morten Lauritsen: very helpful video! thanx :)
Jen Aziz: I rode Gwazi countless times over the years since it opened and I was there to ride on its last day :( 
mikedrz: for the double flips do you do 2 small circles per half, so 4 all together?
Chilled Chilz: are u mrdarlekjd
go pro hd: Thanks for the advice good video 😎
Darika Sripontan: adele ขนตาปลอม#120/ nar laguna bronzer/ giorgio armani blush#2/ mac soft and gentle highlight/ no7 lip liner#20 nude/ mac lipstick#high tea/ no7 lip glace#caramel/
LordVader1094: Republic Gunship ftw! :D
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