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Mr Dron: Sound like bell touch....check bearings and shaf.

Dave George: test the bearings otherwise.

Ismael Kafeltz: What exactly were these motors? I would like to read the specification! Thx!

Diodo Paul: too bad... no trial befor balancing to hear difference noise!

Elba Drone Video Production: Many thanks friend!!

Dynex Hobby: Hmmm, static balancing like this may not always work. You definietly need to dynamically balance the motor bell. There can be other issues to consider such as coupled unbalanced where an unbalance at one end creates vibration on the opposite end.

SkyLabs: where can we buy the threaded tube to attach to the motors?

Flyingwigs: not the best way to balance a motor as you can see in the video that the rotor is not spinning true with that tube screwed on. much easier to do this by running the motor with some tape in different spots, each time finding where its better or worse.

minhmeoquay: dang, ur too good. 

Ozzy3333333: did you check the shaft was balanced w/o the motor?

Les Limback: Very helpful if I get into professional video. The less the vibrate, the less the edit.  Did you ever the notorious fly away?

Павел Л: you should show buzz on table before balancing to compare

L BS: any improvement in flying?

Damian Thomas: thanks man. so much to learn to get your DJI right

peterev: Hmm, this won't method work with the LH V1.1.1 motors as the shafts are threaded left and right but good video..

Arin Artounian: Great Vid, thanks for posting.  Going to have to wait for someone to make a batch of rods with CW and CCW female threads. The Reverse of what i just purchased off this member.
DJI Self Tightening Prop Balancer

Steven Kjeldgaard: Very cool and informative video. Great information to get things tweaked and peaked! Thanks much!

Zbip57: It's possible. Check your props are balanced. That makes the biggest difference. Then check the motors for balance. I only discovered much later that one of the three blades of the stock camera mount had cracked right through. I still had noticeable jello whenever giving full power. It's gone completely now that I have the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal with its rubber isolation mounts.

dji-Phantom-Motor-Balancing 5 out of 5

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Smdbruce19: Honest opinion. You did cover the right cars, the music choice wasn't the best, editing wasn't up to par but most importantly the camera work was the sloppiest ive ever seen. So much for "official video" 
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