Dell Venue 8 Pro And Lenovo Miix 2 8 And Toshiba Encore 3 Way Comparison Smackdown

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Chef Kendra Nguyen: The Dell Venue seems like a nice product.

Nyzma Kumala: lisa try play steam games in those tablets with steam in home streaming

NicolSD: Sorry Lisa, but as someone who speaks metric, 445 grams is one lbs, not 3/4 of a pound.

iJoshDG: The dell is definitely the most attractive

AhmedoXD: do Lenovo ThinkPad 8 plz

PeterMacPL: Where is Acer Iconia W4 :( it has IPS display and micro-HDMI Lisa - Toshiba Encore has HFFS display worse than IPS, worse contrast, blacks, colors, etc.

Wurzelzwerg1212: i really like the design of the Dell, but i want a 1080p screen and 4GB Ram :(

Jeremy D: Of all the three most successful this Dell Venue Pro 8 :)

vasilios dinis: Great review, I'm excited for the Lenovo Thinkpad 8! HDMI, 3.0, high resolution.... =D Now, if it came with a dual OS such as Android, I'd be even more excited! lol

Sreten Jovanovic: Lenovo Miix 2 8 can charge via usb while using is for something else, like external hdd of flash drive, you just need otg cable and usb hub, dell can also, but with some modifications which are very complicated. Lenovo is just straight foward thing. That's why i chose lenovo.

LightningArrow AA: Thumbs up for the dell venue pro 8! :) 

Gabriele Cannata: One thing the Dell is lacking is GPS, this is quite important for a mobile device in my opinion.

MSMSValve: I've been waiting for this for a long time. Great comparison.

7in1: Me, Dell Venue 8 pro happy user is writing this from my tablet

camaroone123: Dell Venue 8 all the way for me.

Daniel Patrick: I love my toshiba! It is built like a tank, super sturdy. I actually like the toothed surface on the back.

tomfan206: How long does it takes to fully charge the Lenovo Miix 2 8 n Dell Venue 8 Pro via Micro USB(5V 2A)?

Jolly Kuo: Make a review for the Dell Venue 11 pro! I love your reviews btw its very informative!

freddywayne: So much inaccuracies! There was never ever a previous Intel (Bay Trail) SoC! The Dell has the Atom z3740D, while the others have the Atom z3740. And the Dell uses an active stylus technology by Synaptics!

soni manutd: wait for the new lenovo thinkpad 8...its the best 8-inch tablet yet...

Lord Blizzard: Can you stream hulu on this devices like a regular laptop or pc , Or do you need hulu plus in order to do that ?

Chris Jacinto: Drifting away from then world of android little by little.. haha

Monte Olsen: Great shootout, Lisa. You hit features some of the quick hitting reviews miss, which is why your reviews are so valuable. I opted for the Dell Venue 11 Pro, which I find a bit heavy but exceptional when you look at how well it runs, the removable back, replaceable battery, and ease of home repair (with the appropriate repair videos available on YouTube). Thanks again.

James Jones: I was hoping you review lenovo yoga 8 inch tablet, tho windows are getting better in the 7-8 inches tablets thanks to intel and other companies.

Adam Rabinowitz: Lisa what is the stand you are using for the Lenovo in this video? thanks

0rderEmpire: Lenovo thinkpad 8 !!! Do a review on that plz plz

khanalprabhat: Can these divices run vm workstation 8 or higher? I have vm workstation 9 and I able to run stock android 4.3 with working Google play app store in my pc. It is working as it should work in any android tablet. If it is possible than it could be lot appealing. Windows 8 with android in vm. And lots of other OS.

John Wiskowski: For those looking for Venue 11 Pro reviews, don't blame Lisa. They have been impossibly hard to come by. There are also multiple versions of the device with drastically different performance. Look for those reviews to follow soon. The same can be said for the Acer W4 that just started shipping 12/30.

daveycrazy: I think the Dell wins, looks the best and has an IPS screen 

middo10222: Lisa, please don't forget to review lenovo miix 2 10" and thinkpad 8"

MajireXR: Thank you for your reviews Lisa, I watch everything you post. Thumbs up! <3

Tyrik Gatorian: DELL VENUE 8 PRO 😤❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

murat dogusan: are you interested in asus vivotab note 8?

RedPwns: but Lenovo is I would say just as good as the dell venue maybe even better the toshiba how ever has a eh build quality and im very picky about that personally 

AFchipTuning: can the Dell read 2.5 portable h.d.d without power?

Phissith Ottha-Hekenon: Lenovo should do Android&window 8 combo with stylus, wireless charging and capable of doing hot spot! Come out with cheap wireless hard drive as accessories! Joystick dock for games!

michael musnick: I bought the Lenovo miix2 and after 9 days the on/off switch wouldn't work. Has anyone else had this problem?

Andrew Hallenbeck: Great review! Thanks! 

Stephane Tanguay: Give me 1920x1200 (like Nexus 7 2013) on a Windows 8" tablet and I'm going to be interested.

ReaperChi3f: Can you use a Micro USB to USB OTG cable to plug in a USB to HDMI adapter on these tablets?

eskimo aztec: @NicolSD , its okay.

hal40kfull: Such a shame the Dell and Lenovo don't have that HDMI port :(

Jeff Louis: Which is the better Tablet for reading books and comics books without zooming and less eye strain ? Nexus 7 Dell venue 8 pro LENOVO miix 2 8

Randall Collins: A much-needed review! I'm in the market for a small windows tablet and it was nice to see the only offerings available all at the same time. I think that it ultimately comes down to the physical form factor since these are essentially the same spec-wise. For me, the Dell looks the best. Thanks for your review, Lisa. (Insert thumbs-up icon) :-) .. 

Dell Venue 8 Pro and Lenovo Miix 2 8 and Toshiba Encore 3 way Comparison Smackdown 4.9 out of 5

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Dell Venue 8 Pro and Lenovo Miix 2 8 and Toshiba Encore 3 way Comparison Smackdown
Dell Venue 8 Pro and Lenovo Miix 2 8 and Toshiba Encore 3 way Comparison Smackdown
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Dell Venue 8 Pro and Lenovo Miix 2 8 and Toshiba Encore 3 way Comparison Smackdown