Wide 100 Gallons Saltwater Marine FOWLR Aquarium With Emperor Angelfish And Tangs

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shechshire: Interesting to see the marine plants instead of the typical fowler look. People in this hobby need to start thinking out of the box.

Arturo Siew: How long is the tank ?

MsOHsvideos: When I saw Dory, I started singing, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming.

mrpmj00: @Arteolike Keep in mind I have a WIDE 100 gallon tank with 8 square footprint with no overflow to take up space so its footprint is almost like a 125 gallon tank with an overflow. Yes, I have my emperor (5-6 inches) for exactly a year now and he didn't grow but he did fully changed colors. They need 1) good food with sponge 2) spirulina flakes 3) nori (brown, green, purple) 4) nitrate below 40 5) food additives (selcon, vitaboost, vitachem, fish solution) 6) 22 times water circulation

mrpmj00: 3 weeks ago, I added a little Koralia Evolution 450 in the upper-front-left of my tank to help circulate the water even more in a circular pattern. I point it to the back of the tank so all I really see of it is the 2.5 inch magnet so it doesn't look ugly fron the front.

Joshua W. Lee: Do you think that the power head got enough power for you tank? I'll get my new tank on next weekend that everything comes together but heaters and power heads. My new tank is almost same dimension as yours. So now I'm considering about the power heads. I'm thinking about Koralia Magnum 6 or Ecotech Marine VorTech Propeller Pumps/Powerheads. What do you think about my idea?

GADAmuzik: That setup is beautiful!!!!

mrpmj00: @Arteolike I would also get a UV sterilizer of at least 15 watts.

Arteolike: You can keep an emperor in an 100? I wanna keep one in an 160 do you think he will be happy?

mrpmj00: It's calaurpa macro algae and it's real. I have it in my refugium. You can buy it at your local saltwater fish store. These are artificial corals because the big pretty emperor angel (has yellow and blue horizontal stripes) would eat them. Besides, I think artificial corals come in much prettier colors like the ocean than what I find at my local fish store which are usually boring white, beige, green or brown. With artificial corals, I don't have to worry about them dying or dosing nutrients.

xEzExUpxTuRbOx: could you plz tell me the dimesions in cm

TlaToani Gamboa: Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I don't know how you keep ICK, out of the tank with those Regal Tangs!

dean198425: how do you make your tank look so clean ive triyd eveythink and it just keeps going green

mrpmj00: If my earlier suggestion doesn't get your emperor to eat, buy fresh caulerpa macro algae and grape macro algae he'll love them.

TrueConservative123: Now that is a gorgeous marine aquarium.

mrpmj00: Besides the 6 inch adult emperor which I've had for 1.5 years so far, I also added a 3 inch queen angelfish and after a week, the big emperor quit chasing the little queen.

mrpmj00: Koralia Magnum 6 is 2200gph so you're definitely going to blow sugar-sized substrate all over and revealing the glass bottom of a tank that's 4 foot long and 2 foot wide like mine. You're better off with 2 Koralia 1050. I've never tried Ecotech Vortech. PROs: takes less space in the tank, stirs up detritus so it can be filtered. CONs: Expensive, can't point it up to agitate water surface to release carbon dioxide and gas exchange. I'm waiting for knockoff versions without the controller.

mrpmj00: I also use the lighting trick by lighting the front of the aquarium and keeping the back of the tank dark so that my black equipments blend in with the blank tank background.

Freddie Davis: Nice tank!!!! Check out my 55 gallon set up

mrpmj00: As a last resort, there's the razor blade (but I only use each blade once because it will rust) for the tough coraline algae.

goldhead101: Dam- I'm digging this song. Dancing as I type away.LOL

mrpmj00: Get a UV sterilizer of at least 15 watts.

mrpmj00: The AquaAdvantage 15watts UV sterilizer will get rid of ick once and for all.

John Roberts: nice tank where did u get the artifical coral from and how much was it

chameleonman99: I can't believe how clean it is great job keep makin videos

jlalonde1000: just perfect nice fish crystal clean water u should pit a frogfish in there in mant have them ad they are sweet

pokedude726: most buetiful tank ever

mrpmj00: No, 55 gallons is too small because that's only 4 square footprint, and even less if you have built-in overflows.

mrpmj00: @checksum100 Thanks. I did many things to hide the equipments because my tank is not drilled. The grey powerhead has been replaced by black powerheads to blend with the black background. I use the Hydor inline heater or you could put your heater in the sump/refugium. My hangon protein skimmer has the pump outside of the tank. For the hangon refugium, I did not use a powerhead inside my display tank but instead used the canister's return tube to fill the UV sterilizer and refugium.

mrpmj00: Il est 5 heures (It is 5 o'clock)

mrpmj00: I also have an airpump attached to a 4 inch airstone to circulate the water from the bottom up. I operate the airpump as an oxygen backup in case my protein skimmer dies...it happend to me once when I was on vacation and I lost the entire tank so I now have 2 air support systems.

mrpmj00: Thanks. This is the best that I can do as an amateur through trial and error over the years. I've posted my setup. I have 12 fish (a few big 5-6 inches fish like the Emperor and blue tang) and I can go without water changes for about 3 weeks and my nitrate is a low 3 (even though my tap water nitrate starts out at 10).

mrpmj00: I'm running 2 powerheads (koralia 1050 and 720), 500gph protein skimmer, 350gph and 450gph Rena XP canisters so all that comes to 3070gph or 30x water turnover per hour.

jamzzzzaaaa: love this song too much ,can tell me the name of this song.

mrpmj00: and clean the UV sterilizer's glass at least yearly otherwise no light will shine through the buildup on the UV's glass.

mrpmj00: 1. Reduce the lighting hours. When I'm at work, only the blue lights are on and the white lights don't go on until an hour before I get home. I don't get to enjoy them while I'm at work anyway plus I save electricity. Only on the weekends when I'm at home do I turn the white lights on from 10am to 9pm so I can enjoy them. 2. Get a refugium (I have the CPR hang on back) with a 6500k bulb and chaeto algae. There's going to be algae so do you want it in your display tank or your refugium?

Mike Morehouse: Beautiful tank, i love how clean it is. I have a 55 gallon FOWLR tank right now, waiting till i move and have room to switch it to my 100g acrylic tank.

Aaron Soliz: I know this was shot 2 years ago but I must say this is my all time favorite fish tank. It's simple but amazing at the same time! I love the fake coral! Do you mind sharing with me where you bought your fake coral from?!? I have had 2 saltwater aquariums... 12 gallon aquapod and a 14 gallon biocube. I'm moving out so I have been saving up for a 90 gallon to put in my living room. I'm very excited and look forward to setting it up with fake plastic coral. Again, gorgeous aquarium!

mrpmj00: Tank in cm is 122 centimeters long x 61 centimeters wide x 51 centimeters tall

NoahDaBoa707: Description is misleading, you said you haven't done a water change in 4 months. That's ridiculous

Joe6490: Hi, great tank !! What brand of bulbs do you use and what color are they ?

sumit chauhan: great tank can u mail me the dimensions of the tank in LXBXH to sumitchauhan605@yahoo.com..thnxxx

steogorman: what are you feedin the emperor?? i just bought one an he seems to shy away from the food, need help

nisimic: Hi, I really love your tank setup, for my opinion, it is absolutely perfect!. Could you please also explain more about the tank internal decoration: What is this beautiful algae on the left side – is it real or artificial? What is its name and where did you buy it from? Also, are these artificial or dried corals or both? I have a marine tank which is a bit shorter and I’m considering to implement some of your advises for improving my tank setup. Many thanks, Nissim

Wide 100 gallons saltwater marine FOWLR aquarium with emperor angelfish and tangs 4.7 out of 5

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Wide 100 gallons saltwater marine FOWLR aquarium with emperor angelfish and tangs