Best Gun In Call Of Duty Ghosts! (COD Ghost Best Primary Weapon In Multiplayer Assault Rifle Setup)

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Nick zz: i think the best gun is the honey badger. if you play cranked, infected, or hunted mode(which by the way is the best mode in the whole game), honey badger is the best one try it. max out the classes, and you will be sure to win every game round in call of duty ghosts!!

The Red-Tailed Hawk 2004: I'm playing this game (online) at 2015 and I'm using this gun w/red dot sight and muzzle brake it's amazing!!!

Curtis Griffin: great vid.. .. im dieing on average 11 times with at least 3 kills on the board.. which makes it frustrating. but i only got an xbox, so probs not used to it.. 

joao vitor: I knew this was the best gun in the game i play with it alot in the ps3 i killed more than 300 people in less than 200 games with this gun
Add me on ps3 : joao_vitor_moura

mexicangamer: To me its the honey badger with holographic sight

Harrison Fisher: Most of the time ill hit them in the balls with the 1st bullet in the burst.  Then the 2nd bullet in the burst is a head shot.  So yes, its a two shot kill while damaging their man hood.

Matthew Thurston: No hes wrong this is my favorite weapon and the thing you do is use the foregrip to deal with the increased recoil then go automatic it becomes an epic weapon

roomscape101: Thanks , I know cod ghosts might be old to some, people but thAnks bro , i wanted a new type of gun and didn't know which was best. Now I do!:) thanks bro!;)

H2O AWESOME55: Many player said while im on voice chat many said msbs is weaker than honey badger but honey badger is hold to kill enemy but msbs is just one click dead two click for far enemy wich is better honey badger or msbs i choose MSBS

XxVicissitudexX: This gun isn't as good as he said.
Now, I am not saying he is wrong. The reason is because back in 2013 when Ghosts was new, this gun was new and was very powerful. However, a few months ago the creators decided this gun was too over powered and so it was nerfed to sh*t.
They did the same thing to the Ripper. I payed 5.50$ AUD for a gun that was meant t be powerful, and then after playing for a while it was nerfed.
The point being, don't blame this guy if this class doesn't work for you. No he isn't a noob, nor a liar, it is because the gun has been nerfed

Logan Fields: Don't listen to him guys, I tried it and it SUCKED. I would recommend the Mtar-X with a tracer sight and rapid fire. Make sure to use focus though 

Alexandre Saianda: for me and more people the best gun ever is honey badger  sc 2010 sa 805  and ak 12 

Sophia Showalter: the vector is the best gun atleast thats what i think


Jahe Summerlin: This gun is overpowerd .

Yan Tougas: Thank you for this great video.  I'm enjoying the entire 101 series.  I'm a little late to this game and, based on prior COD games, I'm not much of a 3-round burst guy.  What do you recommend as the top AR fully automatic gun?  Thanks!

Jesse Sams: im not trying to be a jerk ive always been a huge fan of you ive even friended you on steam but the best gun is the honey badger


Epic_GAMEr TIPs: Fmice and thx you are understanding 

yveltal the denomic dragon: It's how you use the gun not how power full the gun is by the way both the mavericks are the best

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Best Gun in Call of Duty Ghosts! (COD Ghost Best Primary Weapon in Multiplayer Assault Rifle Setup) 5 out of 5

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Call of Duty Ghosts   Tips and First Impressions
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Best Gun in Call of Duty Ghosts! (COD Ghost Best Primary Weapon in Multiplayer Assault Rifle Setup)