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Agent Perry: I dropped my iPod 5 out the window once on accident and it was a second story window and it landed straight the screen and it didn't break at all so I guess iPod 5s are stronger than iPhone 5a
Insanity Gamer: Chrome is boss 999$ for a 11 inch laptop is pathetic. Chrome is only 250$ chrome rocks 
blkinvestor: Do these things have HID lights or what?
Елена К: Спасибо за обзоры! Единственная просьба, пожалуйста заостряйте внимание на ремешки от сумок, хотелось бы увидеть и их качество. А то некоторые сумки приходят с тряпичным ремешком и обклееным "кожей" с одной стороны.
The 007 Theory: The bar and stem look exactly like my FSA K-Wing Bar and K-Force Light stem. I think FSA and Vision are connected though... But they are beautiful the carbon is awesome to look at.
Abigail Barrera: where did you get your dividers from your 2nd binder? I like them!
Noora Albufalasa: I have the liquid haircolor and the bottle is the same size as this one , so my hair is short like up to my shoulders but it is thick so should i use only one bottle ?