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Alfredito Viera: Like or reply if you like this comment In trap team they should add like computer enemies if you don't have 2 controllers
freebrook: @lancecryor lol me too
DreadfulControversy: Man, your voice is so annoying. I like the vids, though.
Till Lange: Got it and it is very good for beginners!
Ivan Hernandez: Make one to uninstall carrier apps!!! 
Dave Wright: Thanks. very helpful.
Zross Rotzank: +Maty Moran +juan david rojas ardila +Disloyalmaple31 y a todos los demas :D ahi actualize todo y subi una version sin contraseña :D ke lo disfruten la descarga esta dentro del grupo . le dan "unirse los agrego y wala :D gracias por sus comentarios y perdonen ke me aya tardado :D