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Tekkerue: Pfffft! Mike, you are just trying to fool us with these "fake bloopers" to make us think you're human and make mistakes. We already know you're a drum god and perfect, OK? You don't need to toy with us. ;) lol
Mahmut Tuncel: Lol you are 90 kg !!!
Gabriel G: Do yourself a favor, and look at the ingredients they put in that crap.
MIKE KILROY: So mad that I sold my lows and highs (de la souls) needed money now i regret it.
Jorge Salvador: wow!! :3 quiero una <3
ismasha ali: plzzzz bring a solution to the pooor camera quality of lumia 1320, or a way tu upgrade it
Cachito clips: Just think that sometimes he wouldn't give all of himself in the field and knowingly of that he would make enough to conquer the world and be deemed as one of the best players of all time and the most skillful ever. I will always be kind dissapointed of the potential couple of years more he could have given to the fans and to himself if he had had a more consistent attitude to keep his level high like he reached in his prime. Nonetheless, I will thank him for his magic forever.