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danny ho: onsale today for $140 free shipping http://slickdeals.net/f/7027004-x-rite-i1display-pro-calibration-meter-139-95-with-free-shipping-back-for-less 
Matt Thomas: pretty soon there will be no more "opt out after 5 seconds" option....
Michael C: Wrong! HD280 Pro's are $99.00 retail! You are contradictory about comfort, but would like metal and aluminum in a head set (more weight) ? Get real! I had the Sony MDR-7506's and the ear pieces wore out after 2 years and the drivers went to crap as well! You must have a large head as I have no problem with Sennheiser's. Some of you people commenting here speak about sound staging! You aren't going to find any serious head phones with that for under $200.00. You want serious head phones then get into the Sennheiser HD650,HD700 or HD800's. Very pricey though and require a good headphone preamp.
thx4thvenom: Foundation number: 250 Fresh Beige
AllThreadS: PewDiePie is more better
Matthew Bridges: I loved your video shadow rocks
coondogtheman1234: Please tell us how you hooked up the battery in this. Especially in the second light in the hairpin case. I could really use that. I'm sure all of us watching want one.