Micro Coil Build In The Aspire Nautilus

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Fabio Mannucci: Wich Kanthal did he use? i can't understand...

AvaPxiaO: Why would you want to do such a thing and not built vertically? I may actually built one like this on the same resistance I'm using just to compare, but I believe the BVC is a superior design than either the single or dual horizontal.

Bane Jb: Very nice, have you done that with bvc as well?

Leo H: did he say 20 or 28 gauge?

Samuel Lawson: can you help me i did this and the coil wont even burn or light

TheKody268: this video inspired me to rebuild a mini vertical coil. it worked perfectly. 1.6ohm the vapor was better and the flavor was much better! it's actually easier than I was expecting it to be.
just be sure to pack plenty of cotton in it or it will gurgle.

Daniel Carelli (Panentheosis): Dude, thanks. My brand new coil just broke at work and I didn't want to be without my pv for another two+ hours - totally just helped me get it working again. XD

MrShooteX: Thanks man. I'm new to vaping and coil-building. Tried to rebuild my bvc coil with micro coil as shown here but did a mistake so it's 2.3 Ohm. So I didn't get so much vapor but it still vapes great, just like brand new coil!

Richard Lorraine: can I use 28 Gauge Galvanized wire.. I tried it with this wire and I am getting a air message analyzer short.. am I using the wrong wire..thanks

CarcPazu: I didn't know those coils could be rebuilt, thanks for that dude.

Josiah Nethery: What exactly is the filler for? Does it need to be there?

Paul Clements: Good video..I noticed you posted another video were yuppy wrapped the wire 11 times and wrapped cotton around the coil... In this video do you also pack around coil or would you have no air flow

Sandra Statner: Thank you! You are an excellent teacher.

Fyrebourne Wolfe: I just want to Thank You Rip! I just rebuilt my FIRST  Nautilus Micro coil.  The Difference in flavor between Stock and Rebuilt is like Night and Day!  The rebuilt is so much more flavorful.  Thank you again!

netineither: wow that is impressive! never seen clouds like that from a nautilus ;) you insipred me to do the same

Marco antonio: Did he say 28 kanthal?

Tech: Thank you for this video, my coil burnt out, 3 days after I purchased it, and my local smoke shop doesn't stock very well, so after a wasted trip, I looked up how to rebuild, found your video, only problem is there was a lot of burnt crunchy stuff left over from the stock build.

Man Relick: 28 kenthal? what is the different with 27?

DiCkO2111: Hi, I've tried this twice now and failed. Everything seems to go just fine and like it should work but it just drags in the juice and spits and splutters and I just get a mouth full of it. I've tried lose cotton and tight cotton and it won't work for me

kevin fixitall: I bough the Aspire Nautilus in both the mini and regular.  Stock coils no matter where I buy them, only last two days.  My wife gets about 3 days out of the mini.  I have benched both of the Aspire Nautilus's until I could figure something out, back to carto's for now.  You used new coils to rebuild.  When I took my coil out I noticed only 1 coil, burnt in the middle, and only 2 of the four holes touched the wick.  Maybe the clear e-liquid you use helps them last longer.

Micro Coil Build In The Aspire Nautilus 5 out of 5

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It's simple Coil wraping for beginners
It's simple Coil wraping for beginners
Piragmenos0012 coil running as jt from flat aa bat charging flat aa bat
Piragmenos0012 coil running as jt from flat aa bat charging flat aa bat

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Details Kuro Concepts Cw-30 Wire Coil Tool - Purple Product images
Details Kuro Concepts Cw-30 Wire Coil Tool - Purple Product images
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Micro Coil Build In The Aspire Nautilus