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Poppy Hodgetts: my ragdolls lower tummy is curly too! i find it so cute
howiecricket52: I had to come back and hear my fave Rihanna jam!!!!! C'mon Rude Boy, Boy!!!!!
Willy bob: Is my Canon printer compatible with the Glidecam HD 2000?
Kitka 45: wow
qjtvaddict: want holy go CRISPR the holy editor.
Peter Lyu: I still own my life.. But yeah don't want to go through that comment again. Life is difficult if you repeat what you are supposed to end with. Take a brick as an example. A brick breaks when you hit it hard at someone. That someone could be hurt but the brick cannot understand its own pain so its difficult to improve their own condition. Imagine if a brick plays rugby. Now that could be possible if we all see the brick making those big tackles. Yes thats why it is so annoying to repeat commenting on your videos. hope you understand. It was great fun playing rugby with you guys. Had the best fun bros.
JAKE: Why no Robin suit?  3:37
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