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leonardo obando: con quien estas
17AndyDog: One word beast
lancepierres: I like it! But making a slingshot is not difficult and a lot Chea per for(most of the time)better results caus it is made to fit your grip and shooting style. Keep on spreading the slingshot bug!! Cheerzz my friend. :-)
GoGirlTeam: GoGirl Update.  What's new at GoGirl?  With thousands of requests we now have extensions for sale at the Go-Girl.com website.  There are usually coupons on the home page.  Thanks for a wonderful review about travel GoGirl use.  You summed it up amazing well!  WE love to hear from GoGirl fans.  Please share your input.  Sarah Dillon - GoGirl Founder and Spokeswoman.
Plush Time Wins: Awesome evil minion win. Minions are the best plush to win!
chard P: grabe ka bro nilagyan mo ng 2t yong tangke ng motor mo para laitin ang rusi,sa tunog palang ng motor mo nilagyan mo ng 2t,,. matibay kaya ang rusi grabe ka manira sa kapwa mo wala kang awa po rusi parin kami in iloilo rusi is the best sorry ka nalang
Colin Daeschle: Where can you buy it?
Ford Focus Titanium 2014 al 2015 video venta versión Colombia