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rhea mike: did you ever do a demo on the U R Curly Product Line?
JennyP RN: I love this! So informative. Thank you, I can't wait to try this now. 😃
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David McGowan: how has the overall experience been with this watch since you have had it. i have read online that other peoples experience with this watch has been bad as in it getting scratched very easily or the band broke. anything like with you or..
robert williams: can you put the download link for the rom and gapps
Gunay Yaniklardan: No fight
James Edelson: this game looks fun i havent played it but from what ive seen of it, its most certainly nothing revolutionary all of the designs are pretty simple and look good but i wouldnt say its amazing by any standard, and this game is hardly comparable to any other rts game like starcraft, command and conquer or supreme commander, its not a finished rts game.
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