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Caelidh: someone mentioned splintering of the cabinet.... IS this an issue? It looks pretty straightforward to me... I have the template and the hardware... someone said that the doors can splinter so use a smaller bit and then work up to a larger bit..
Joseph Adam: I have this car as well. (2013 LS White Cruze) This car is really nice. Handles great! Has power! Especially considering it's only a 1.8 4 cycl. If you get the LT or higher it has the turbo which feels like a 6 cycl. Can't judge a car by the base model. Ever. regardless of the brand.
Glenn Galen: My dog saw a squirrel and ran in front of my bike to the left, causing me to crash. Better if they are behind or to the rear on the side.
Maxton Sivalelli: So it feels like when your foot goes to sleep am I right or what 
Al Nagy: I have an 06 Jeep and the ABS cam sensor went bad. what is the procedure for testing the sensor on the vehicle once you know it is getting power
Peyton: Just another laptop for him to watch porn on
Punk Hazard: I love the way he said "main character"
2014 Ford Focus Titanium 2014 al 2015 video review Caracteristicas venta versión Colombia