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MeritAEager: its ddr 3 so you won't get that much performance ! get the gddr5 version 
mattrwojcik: The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a detachable battery so you don't have to send in your whole phone and get your battery fixed. With the Moto X you don't have a detachable battery. It also cost a lot more to fix your battery than just buying a new battery which is 5 or 10 dollars. And the S4 has a expandable memory up to 64 Gigabytes. So you only have 16 Gigabytes on your Moto X. And I am pretty sure that the S4's screen is made out of a lot tougher material. And the Samsung Galaxy S4's camera is voice activated which is pretty cool but the Moto X doesn't have a voice activated camera.
TheALFANATION: Hallo ALFANATION HOTEL...:) we are an ALFANATION CAR CLUB in switzerland...and if we will come to paris we will come to your hotel.... greets Li Causi Alessandro (the vize president)
ParadiseFilmz: ive got this camera for stop motion animation and i need to know how to turn auto focus off please help anyone :D
idkmyname91: Ocarina of... crap?? Majora's.. crap?? How... DARE you! How can you say those things and not explode?!
Айжан нетжанова: я не вижу никакой объем
Tattocika: я не трихолог, но густоту волос вернула))
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