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checkerknights4: I got 8 phones with gorilla glass
David Osgood: Great Video...just what I needed to see. THANKS!
Joe Doole: Nice setup, what cams are you running? Very decent power and trap speed. Get your 60' down and you can go 12's with ease. I'm full interior as well minus trunk area and at 2486 with 5 gallons fuel and no driver. (95 GSR) I'm running very similar ETs (13.2x) but only trapping 107-108. I'm only making 224/138. Spent a lot of time in the high 13's until I started working on the suspension and chassis and then the car was a different animal on the short track. I'll list my setup below; it's very basic but it works wonders. Now I have an inexpensive DC2 that is a fun 13.50 bracket drag toy, competitive FF time attack/AutoX entry and a 30mpg daily driver. 95 GSR-JDM B18C-82mm 11.5:1 Pistons, stock rods/crank/sleeves, P72 head with mild port work, Skunk2 Intake manifold, 66mm TB, Skunk2 Pro1, Supertech valvetrain, AEM cam gears, Comptech intake, RMF header, 2.5" hollow cat body, 2.5" exhaust to Vibrant street muffler, S80 HLSD tranny with 4.4 final and USDM type R factory gear stack, Comp stage 2 clutch kit, Fidanza flywheel. Fuel system is a Denso 190 pump and 370cc injectors/stock lines. Ignition is stock-NGK wires and plugs. Tuning via Hondata S300v2, Shell URT unleaded fuel. Tires are Toyo R compound on DC2R wheels.
Lesly Monroy: why am i watching this on July 18 2016?
gunnarMyTube: What a wonderful session this was. These Google TV advocates were Android TV pioneers.
christopher4265: i just hope that Admiral lens flare (JJ Abrams) doesnt use lens flare too much in episode VII like he did in the 2009 star trek, oh dear god, the lens flare..... i went and saw Star Trek in theaters and as i was sitting in that dark room, i got my eyes burned way too many times.....
robotx16: i have one of these its a cynergy sporting with adjustable comb i think the wood is zebra wood. its very good gun i use it for sporting clays comps i have not yet used it for hunting but i will soon