Dacia Duster Review Off-road - Auto Express

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Rolandas Urbas: crapty rewiew, I am driving highly dropped FWD audi A4 in eastern europe, and the is a lot of worse roads goind to the river for a fishing and i have no problems. So I can deeply f.uch that kind offroaders with my FWD. PLEASE make more interesting rewiew or learn drive in REAL OFFROAD with 2WD car than try 4WD in LADOGA. than you may put rewiews withaout disgracement of manucturer

V6 (12-Valve Supercharged): that car is much cheaper than the X5 and it is better off-road than an x5

Dan Cooper2001: I'd rather but a second hand discovery or defender, so I can hear off the gravel road. That wasn't off roading, just a typical shower. Waste of money this is

Micla GmS: In Romania the off roads are worst than Britain  off roads xD
This video is a joke....a sad one !

Laurynas Ulevicius: clearly he's never been to eastern europe. roads there are much better than uk

Robert Amos: What are these like for going dogging ? 

Alpha Kara: Pathetic.

Awayze: Rather get a used Toyota Land Cruiser. 

Guide504: Suzuki jimny   hands down the best if its big enough for your needs.....untouchable off road 1.5inch lift and all terrain tyres.

Alexandru Dumitru: In Romania the price for this car starts from 11.000 euro. A romanian middle class man can`t afford to buy a 40.000 euro Land Rover.

toninocars: Like it, is it better then Mitsubishi ASX?
Any comparison between will be nice. Love soft off-road 

chello70: Not bad??? freaking hell...

I'm sorry to say this but...

The English can be so freaking jealous of anything not made in Britain' 

Prin Galaxie: Please do the same with Opel Mokka or nissan qashqai

SKKC1986: this car would be perfect for Los Angeles's crappy roads.

hellcat1988: I don't know what you consider a normal car, but other than the deep rut that had you on 2 wheels I didn't see anything I haven't taken my 1996 dodge neon coupe through before.  Cattle roads like that are pretty fun as long as you don't get stupid and put your car on a mound to high center it.

John Wilding: I get sick of farmers planting over public rights of way.

Cesare Petrosillo: Not bad

RoScFan: "Daseea" is anglicized pronunciation, the original word is Romanian and the Romanian pronunciation is "Dachia". It's the name of the ancient kingdom that used to occupy the same territory as Romania, so ancient it was contemporary to ancient Gaul.

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Dacia Duster review off-road - Auto Express 5 out of 5

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Dacia Duster review off-road - Auto Express
Dacia Duster review off-road - Auto Express
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aederent: she's so quiet
Katherine Faith: I loved the lighting and sparkley background in this video :) You look beautiful as always, Corinna! <3 --- The lacey gloves are a personal fave as well as the blue rubber gloves. :D This video is a few months old but... do you have a tutorial for this particular makeup look? <3
THX 1138 4EB: yup, this scene was filmed in astoria
mark justine mangulabnan: This installation package is not supported .how to fix that ???
luvinmyroots: Aw, thank you so much! I need to get back on it with my vids... =)
Dacia Duster review off-road - Auto Express