Minecraft: How To Install Forge 1.8 - Tutorial + Download

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Sparkle In Shades: Can anyone help me? when i get it all it shows is a black screen with a spinning  mc world plz help.

slenderfire Lcppgamer: it resource pack link you're lie me

Monthly Lags: FAKE! Jan 22, 2014 haven't released 1.8 yet

Zach Yount: question, if it is for 1.7.4 why does the title say its for 1.8 when it wasnt even out yet

Ebba Westergård: WTF he said DOWNLOAD not install and not 1.7.2 he said 1.8 !!!!!!!!!!! what a idiot!

Ray Animation: thanx

East Game Zone: freak.. Your Own Asshole BITCH !!! Don't Write Wrong Information.. pickle Head !! But Thanks The Dislike Button Works !!

jkelava6: 1.8, hah :D

Maximek Fiedler: hate him don't sub!

Corey G: wow...its funny how you run this gimmick for so long and still only have 41k hits on the video lol.

I reported this video. Hopefully its gone soon.

Luke Simpson: So how Do i Make it So i can make forge On 1.8 ???

Liam Mahan: gee what an "awesome" tutorial 

Ian Meitzler: F.U.C.K. Y.O.U

R/\D: Please Report This Video So It Wont Be On YouTube Anymore. Thanks. I Reported It As Misleading.

Ljubisa Stjepanovic: daFak this lier crap

Dlwidmar8900: Song?

Philip Williams: That is clearly not, now i mean, really, that honestly isn't in any way shape or retarded form 1.8. You sir, are both a weasel and a drip. Before you post another video like this, please go and learn 1. Basic maths, 2. Proper descriptive skills and 3. How NOT to be a bellend. With all due respect, i nearly burst a blood vessel watching this show of pure and utter horsecrap, in fact I would much rather watch a show of horsecrap just sitting there gathering flies than subscribe to a drip that cannot title his work properly or does so improperly to just get extra views like the aggravating little wart and gob filled pustule that he is. pencil

Michi Lets play: THIS IS NOT THE 1.8 FORGE freak YOU MAN!!!

Vanessayu Animates 99: hello!!! ummm I used the ad fly thing, and where does forge appear once its done loading? please let me know!!!!! I would really like to have the mo creatures mod!!!! thanks !!

MekkraniuX: fake di merda. fanculo

Minecraft: How To Install Forge 1.8 - Tutorial + Download 5 out of 5

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Minecraft: How To Install Forge 1.8 - Tutorial + Download