How Dangerous Is It To SMOKE Your Alcohol?

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Equilibrio: We vaporize tobacco (E-cigs) those aren't bad for you. So I doubt this will have any bad effects. 

GeuwgleSuxBallz: Circumvent your liver? No matter how it gets in the bloodstream, it goes through the liver. The liver has no direct connection to the digestive system either.

BenevolentHellion: the art of smoking alcohol can be quite enjoyable (especially with nice red wines), like smoking a cigar. If you abide by a few rules you'll be fine. Rule 1: Use a vaporizer and a tall wide bottomed glass, using a bicycle pump and a plastic bottle is chugging your wine out of a shoe Rule 2: Don't use hard liqueur, or if you do, do it slowly and use a small, watered down amount. Rule 3: Don't inhale the vapor into your lungs, smoke it like a cigar; suck it into your mouth, let it sit for a little then puff it out. Rule 4; Take your time, enjoy the way the flavors swirl around your mouth. 

James Livingston: at the 1:50 mark.. I guarentee you, that ur body would still vomit, even by smoking it.. if you have seen anyone who had dabbled in a little too much schmack, you would know that ur body still vomits when substances are taken in via other orifices.. 

baggytheo: Jesus christ the Young Turks are dumb.

JohnConnor333: I'm going to smoke brownies

James S: Good afternoon G+ family. Would you guys smoke your alcoholic beverages? This is real.. kinda crazy but real 

Derrick Brown: What the hell is going on in this country? Really

GeuwgleSuxBallz: You smoke it? Wouldn't it burn up? I think these people vaporize it.

Christian Clark: POOR PEOPLE, hey THE YOUNG TARDS, you are a dum-ass motherfreakers. not both, JUST DAVE RUBIN.

George C: Inhaling vapors is much safer than drinking! No more liver damage! No more hang-overs! No more DUI's!

Chris Tully: You're morons. Why would you post a video telling people exactly how to vape alcohol. freaking Idiots..

Ryan fodrea: 1:51 it does not circumvent ur liver, he obviously has no idea how alcohol works... ur liver is what filters toxins out of ur blood and inhaling anything is one of the most efficient ways of getting that substance into ur blood therefore ur liver will still process it out. Although he is right that it does not go thru ur stomach. The two concerns of inhaling ethanol vapor are one, it's damaging to your lung tissue... two, alcohol enters ur blood at a much higher rate with this method so its easier to OD and succumb to alcohol poisoning. So all this means is, do this in moderation and pace urself while doing it.

Marc-Aurèle Hogue-Racine: Ethanol (the alcool in every liquor) has calorie in it's own right. If you vaporize vodka, it's the same as drinking it (for the calories). For health risk, it should not make difference. It's just another way to get it in your bloodstream. Drinking alot is bad, inhaling a lot of alcohol will be too.

Bart Nelis: Wrong ! the alcohol, even inhaled still has to be processed by the liver !

Leo Jurgens: So, the answer is you don't know. Gee, thanks.

Miles B: thought this was gonna be scientific...

MrJeffy45: Wouldn't that take the fun out of the taste!!! Use to hate the taste of booze but now I love it!

John Smith: automatic fail on roadside breathaliser test since your inhaling the stuff

Ryann Large: Alcohol can freak up your stomach lining.. Imagine what it will do to your lungs that don't have the stomach acid and mucus membrane that a stomach does.

Carlton Storey: you don't get to have the experience of drinking though, like the flavor. it's just not the same.

john hobbs: I was in Louisiana in 03 and people were stinging themselves with scorpions to get high it was a big thing at the time

David Halfnonamous: Stupidity is not a crime

Nick Macleod: I've been smoking beer ever since I was 12 years old

Wyatt H: man I'm hungry.....wait this gives me an idea....someone get me a lighter..

Chris Mcdannel: People have been doing this literarily for decades, doctors even used this method to treat infected lungs, done properly its much safer for your body. 



Vale Turbina: I've baught a professional vaporazing system and used it the whole night with Vodka. Just for curiosety. I didn't get drunk at all. nothing. Did anybody have similar experience?

Belozity: 0:21 "beta rises" instead of "vaporizes" xd geniuses

themrboem: Equilibrio r u retarded , iTS totally different alcohol is pioson

freo vapour: vapour is not smoke. wow. way to misinform people


Shannon Hale: how should i start my first time could a few shots kill me ?

Patteeyh: Alcohol poisoning? F that!, I'm from Finland and I can handle this.

SimplyMEHHH: Wrong they dry out your lungs over time

Daniel TheChosenOne: These guys are idiots unless they have scientific facts I'd agree but they don't even sound logical freaking clowns 

NickTheGreatTaylor: I'm gonna smoke jizz ...oh crap it got me pregnant

beastachu's youtube subscriptions: How Dangerous is it to SMOKE Your Alcohol?

Jamie Ramone: #theyoungturks #tyt 

hunter lewis: IM DRUNK RIGHT NOW

Anonymous: he talk like poor people (like me) are gonna do this more,but its the same freaking price in liquor..

maritimetimes: do some research maggots

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How Dangerous is it to SMOKE Your Alcohol?
How Dangerous is it to SMOKE Your Alcohol?
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How Dangerous is it to SMOKE Your Alcohol?