How Dangerous Is It To SMOKE Your Alcohol?

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Matthew Sullivan: It's not a bicycle pump, it's a ball pump

papa oreo: As a diabetic, finding the carbs for alcahol and then taking the correct insulin, getting drunk and not be able to tell if you need sugar is a lot more dangerous for me than smoking alcahol, and that's why I don't drink I only vaporise or smoke weed

pyrright380: he didn't state any negatives at all besides hey don't abuse the hell out of it and youll be fine

BlakcNinja: studies show its less efficient as far as getting drunk goes. It takes more time and less content. Probably safer imo

David Ruiz: How would vaping alcohol damage your liver if vaping it goes through your respiratory system? Isn't it bypassing your liver because it's not being consumed as a liquid?

Colestercamps: its not enjoyable i got drunk cooking shine once just from the steam and holy freak dose it hit you fast

Alex Ω: Not gonna lie, these two look really drunk hahah.

Mel Potts: I am a type 1 diabetic and saw the Dr. Oz show about smoking alcohol and getting little or no calories from smoking your alcohol. Because it is very difficult for a diabetic type 1 or type 2 to enjoy any type of alcohol without their blood sugar spiking, I have not been able to get a good alcohol buzz for years without injecting 3-4 times the amount of insulin I normally use when I eat. I always risk overestimating the amount of insulin so to be safe I underestimate because too much insulin is a greater danger then to little.
I tried it and was amazed that I was able to get buzzed fast, and maintain a good buzz for a very long period of time as long as I continued inhaling the alcohol. My blood sugar did not increase at all the entire time I was out getting buzzed. I checked my blood sugar before during and after to see what the effect it did or did not have on me while getting buzzed.
I used a breathalyzer that I bought from Wal-Mart and found that in 20 minutes of smoking alcohol my BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was .14 almost double the legal limit. That seemed to be the perfect buzz for me. I tried to get super drunk but was able to get my BAC above .15 no matter how hard I tried. That was fine with me being a responsible drinker. The next test was how long would it take for my BAC get back to .00 The results were amazing, in 25 minutes after inhaling my last breath of alcohol, my BAC was .00
Now you can say inhaling alcohol is a bad idea, but for me a diabetic who tries very hard every day, all day to control my blood sugar, this is the greatest invention next to sliced bread. I am always the designated driver in my group because I could not drink and control my blood sugar. Now I inhale alcohol when out with my friends at parties and bars, and I sober up within twenty minutes of my last inhalation of alcohol, and drive us all home with a BAC of.00
After getting drunk fast a sobering up even faster, I did not feel like I had any alcohol in me at all within 45 minutes to an hour (No Hang Over). But do you want to know what the best part is as a single guy? Every time I bring my alcohol smoking device to a bar or party, I get approached by girls wanting to know what I am doing when inhaling alcohol vapors/smoking alcohol. I give them a straw and let them try it. I don’t even have to buy them a drink; they share the alcohol I am vaporizing. It is a great way to get a conversation started with the opposite sex, which in my opinion is the hardest part of meeting girls at a club or party.
Look we all know that alcohol is one of the most toxic things you can put in your body. Whether you are drinking it, or vaporizing it you are harming your body. I choose to save my digestive track the trouble of metabolizing it, and let my liver do all the work of getting it out of my body because it is getting directly into my bloodstream by way of my lungs. Is it better or worse? Who knows for sure? What I do know for sure is that I feel much better after inhaling it then drinking it. I have never had a hangover from smoking/inhaling alcohol.
The lesson for today is don't be in a big hurry to pass judgment on something you have not tried for yourself. Be open minded to new things and adventures and you may find something new that works well with your life style. At the very least it will open the door for interesting conversation with the opposite sex. That's just my opinion, and I could be wrong.

tm06ufo: 2 idiots

Anderw Wheeler: you can put the alcohol in a nebulizer and it'll do the same thing

dlee92991: someone who does vaporize alcohol, the buzz lasts less than 20mins. so if you did vapes for 10mins without breathing oxygen, then maybe you might be at risk, but after 4 or 5 vapes your good and chill out. its not like crack where you want to do it without stopping forever. no risk to OD just risk to ruin your lungs. inhale responsibility friends.

todd marcius: young turks are gay!!!!!!!!

Dakota Sioux: The person who did the subtitles is either trolling or was totally wasted on inhaling alcohol. 

Eric Vitale: Guy on TV. You're an asshole. What the freak? Why not drive over and give my daughter the personal instructional help session? (PIHS,......I thought it was clever...) When I typed in "smoking alcohol", you're the second hit. The first hit is some lady actually doing it (Sorry lady), and the second is a reputable news source that when I saw the name The Young Turks, I thought to myself ,......."The freakin' POWERFUL young Turks."
You already know.
The problem is, the first 2-3 sentences out of your mouth were the prerequisite for future right wing-left wing banter, and ladyy crap. Like giving children step-by-step instructions. Use your freakin' head. I'm sure you're not always that crapty-freakin'-almost-creepy-because-he-believes-this-bullcrap-he-eats type of dude. I assume, you're the type of dude that actually holds the bottle to the young girls lips, and says,........."DO IT!"

freakin' creep. Check that crap.


I'm just kidding. Dude seems solid to me. Reputable, newsworthy. I'm just dissecting human speech at the moment. Genius really. What we say to those around us without them actually hearing it, is 98% of the interaction from human-human, (Stats by HGP-
Look it up. Info is free.....right?


That's all bullcrap too. Thanks for reading.


Please spread that around however you do. Get it out there. Not sure what it means, not even the hashtag. What is a hashtag? Be easy folks.

Baghuul: alcohol is processed by the liver either way. whether you drink it, smoke it, snort it, shove it up your ass. where do you think alcohol goes when you inhale it?? it goes into the blood stream, circulates the body, goes through your liver, liver processes the alcohol.

Sickof Idiots: Cenk's lowlife propagandist ass is freaked on something here.  
Typical liberal piece of crap, a total hypocrite.

danielvincentkelley: You're the only dumb ass motherfreaker in the whole of human history who had a news channel, but thinks it's ok to post headlines that are questions, that you're really going to leave the question standing and the question is the full expression of your comprehension of the subject on which you're going to make a "news video". If you're this idiotically not informed, why run your mouth, you retarded fetid sack of garbage?

FidelHimself: "Young" Turks? These guys are more like out of touch older uncles.

MrMeat42: "all kind of health problems to your liver..." I hesitate to call him a freaking idiot, but doesn't absorbing the alcohol directly into your blood, doesn't it bypass the liver...

How Dangerous is it to SMOKE Your Alcohol? 5 out of 5

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How Dangerous is it to SMOKE Your Alcohol?