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AD Gaming: How do you record videos like this ?
Jacob Castro: ss4 wins like what the heck super saiyan god is after super saiyan 3 right? super saiyan 4 is after god form right?
quickguesswho: lucky.. i want to go down that hill with my nickel...
dbzcupcake: Videl god was eating he don't have time for your crap he's on break ( by god I mean dende)
DabIMON: Isn't Deadpool Canadian?
Jaxx137: Yeah Eezy, the price is high but you are much better off investing in durable proven quality. The local dealer gave me an estimate of $945 for the HK P30S .40 S&W. This is my next desired piece for purchase.
Fred Newman: MrShobar - Thank you
Como obter chave de produto e ativar o Media Center no Windows 8 Pro