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Andre Henrique Buss: +Cassiano Nery veja se te ajuda :) http://allaboutwindowsphone.com/features/item/17736_Nokia_Glance_Screen_and_displa.php 
drachenbursche: @Leonie Mohr: Ja, ich kann dich grüßen, Leonie
Dezi: @ILoveToScrub Lol....Thanks Mama, Happy Sunday!
Gareth Kalber: You know that foam is pretty toxic right? just use another waste board of plywood instead of the foam and ALWAYS use a respirator or dust mask.
Travis Clarke: i never got a cd that come with my voyager nor did my gf
山ノ内美咲: 人間は、50メートル走を何回走れるか試してください! ⚠︎電話で掛けた声は、 アプリの「棒読み」と言う物で出しました!
alicamagtwilight: ace0000011444 ; Genau, lieber mit dem Ringfinger tupfen :) Machst suuuuper Videos! (:
Como obter chave de produto e ativar o Media Center no Windows 8 Pro