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joy ortiz: boss ngpalit kdn b ng tangke m? mgkano inabot nyan? ayos ang cool
me rad: moh7000@hotmail.fr
Tavake Tonga: Holy shieeeeeyet this was an hour of effn awesomeness!! 
Shelly Minutillo: You are completely adorable!.what lipstick are you wearing in this video? Its amazing!
C M: But you look rediculous with all the fillers botox in your forehead...I wished we could never get old
PatriotPigeon: Anyone have a link to more info on this "over 100MPG SUV Hybrid" they are talking about near the end?
zKaotic x l DCUO: comment ta fait pour avoir autent de points de compétence , j'en ai que 21 (+1 abo)
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