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Carmen L. Caraballo: by the way please make more battles with rock leone
Miro Kammonen: wtf codename 1999
Coßrak: Rolled an ac today and got so mad cuz i dont know how to raid with him, he seems so weak and his proc never goes of when u want it to >.<
Bianca Rodrigues: nossa também estou loouca atras de Johnny Fedora & Alice Bluebonnet
TvojaStara1: did you edited the colors afterwards, or is this a mod?!=?
Gabriel F.Soares: se tiver um pouquinho de sorte os netos vão ver! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Geezyone: I thought roostertail won the game, that she played it well although Danger's crazyass was my favorite. Plus I came in with about 8 girls left. Check out Lil Hood turn and say "I told you so" when they call Unique out as bisexual. I believe it. Chardonay was a sweetheart. I understand wanting to be homies though. Chasmere looked great !
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