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Louie Viray: I've been a subscriber since last year and idk why but her hair looks really cute here
Drummerinthe Park: What is the name of the mage?
CuppoJane: I'm glad you've made a video based on players new to Bioware games. Also being pretty new to using tactics in games, I'm pretty much just going on gut and what I may have learned through well-written fantasy books, lol. It's annoying when other gamers act like "This is easy, I can do it." That's great for them, but I'm sure they'd be just as lost when using Photoshop for the first time.
ribakism: freak elop
Sam Licitra: Man of Steel was a turd... WAY to much CG. The fight at the end should be cut in half. Zach Snyder epically fails to utilize a GREAT cast, lifts up his skirt just far enough to reveal that he doesn't have a clue what makes a good superman movie. In my opinion, he's just another Michael Bay.
barrywhite7771: What paper do you use that allows that many layers and rubbing?
greengodheid: 200w led gerekli
Como obter chave de produto e ativar o Media Center no Windows 8 Pro