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Michael Speth: The huge question about this system and any aeroponic/hydroponic system is: what is the nutrient solution? If you didn't know, soil is 'alive', well real organic soil is alive. Commercial farming typically kills the living organisms in soil by the chemicals they spray on it. Anyways, how does the nutrient solution account for the micro-organisms in the living soil and how do they interact with the plant?
tedybear335: I want to ride my...bicycle,bicycle!!!!
youngak47man1: That's not an insane hill climb there guy 
Martin Bananut: 800 on steroids ... lol xD
powerfulorpointless: hahahahah good outlook on life!
GlassLegend40: Yes! I love paksiw takes me back to my chilhood
okrajoe: Is the SEC can't beat the SEC?
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