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Laura T: Never knew this existed until right now lol
metoo meneither: good job, good explanation, big up!!
markidarkidbf: der kostet wie gesagt 50 €
Mike Hawk: Ummmmm, I must be missing something here because normally people wanna know how well an antenna works, not merely what it LOOKS LIKE. We can get that anywhere on the web. I really don't get why you even made a video about this because usually the whole point of making a video to begin with is to show how well a product or device works rather than simply showing everyone you HAVE one. Unless you're showing the performance of the antenna this video is rather pointless.
Nick Riley: Corey vire. BO2 couldn't let it be as good as it should have been. And I wanna see a scope on it if your out to 100 yards just to see how accurate you can get
Consumer Gadget Reviews: I'd rather have it for my 3GS, but that's just me, lazy american!!!! nice review DUDE!
sere channel: bella la maglia che hai in questo video, non amo i pantaloncini corti io =( 
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