How To Set Up Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack

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TiZiAnO Di Felice: Sorry, can you link me the site of the client, please?

dfolgate: What kind of world of warcraft expansion does this work with 

Brett Blake: When I try to open MySQL it just closes immediately, I know there isn't another MySQL open...anybody have any ideas?


jake gilland: how do i make non hamachi when i login it goes to realmlist and i click on the realmlist but wont let me go past that part can someone help me pleas?

Jai: my folder is differant to his so im not sure what to do

General Goods: Can someone help me? I have the server set up, everything works great, but when I logon the realm list pops up and it shows my realm. But I can't join it because it says under "population" "offline" I've tried everything.

Mirch Mitchelsn: Fixt it, Jeutie did not mention on his website or on his tutorials that there is a file called jeuties Repack Control .exe. You need to update the paths there yourself and then it will work fine. Apache needs to point to apache bin folder Mysql needs to point to mysql bin folder Server should point to the core folder His repacks are magnificant but his support is not a 100%. For more help you can ask me directly if it doesn't offend the Jeutie

Rami habachi: Hey Jeutie Same problem of Mitchel Heary and the reason why it crashed (Could not connect to MySQL database at Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) Can you help me please :) ??

Jordy Thery: Enter the following in the world console: account create NAME PASSWORD account set gmlevel 3 NAME -1

Cole Kraft: Mine does the same thing the red text says: 2013-01-15 17:05:44 ERROR: Map file './maps/': does not exist! 2013-01-15 17:05:44 ERROR: Correct *.map files not found in path './maps' or *.vmtree/*.vmtile files in './vmaps'. Please place *.map/*.vmtree/*.vmtile files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the worldserver.conf file.

orokchimoraN99: why when every time i kill a monster then my char cant move, please

MDKGunner: It's saying that the maps and vmaps aren't in the folder when i've extracted them to the main repack folder like you said

eksaton: I don't have MySQL.bat in the server folder :S In a matter of fact I don't have half of the .bat files in the server folder :S Anyone can help?

Electro3258: your Maps (9.6.8 and above.)-- FTP is bugged and that why we can't run the worldserver. can u upload new one?

rasmus bentsen: just put all the files that u hat to download besides the repack EX. vmaps and the 3 others and then it will work §§§ :)

fusionnoobs: i cant find my realmlist, can anyone help me find it?

Hell-Hound-Gaming: and one more:C:\Users\Pommy_angel\Desktop\mmaps_9.8.0

Justin Cladas: I did everything you said, everything is working now but the only prob I'm having is everything starts now but the "start the world server" opens but it closes and leaves a massage saying it cant connect to the Mysql server.?

Electro3258: just run mapextractor. and put the map file in to the server folder

crewealexboy: Where do I change the to make it to my IP so my friends dont just get stuck at the realmlist screen?

Jordy Thery: You can read the output in the /Server/logs folder. :-)

aurelio66892: hey Jeutie can we add some scripts..i m trying to add some scripts to my reapck for 5 days now. PLEASE HELP

reeeeeeb: Hi Jeutie I'm hoping you see this... I've just setup your 9.7.3 repack and it all runs except all items show up in bags as red question marks and equipped weapons display but do not function (these are not custom weapons but ingame weapons) Any help would be great :) thank you

MDKGunner: Fixed but now it only lets others login but not myself

Blake Greenhoe: how do i launch the game?

Bryan Westerveld: This does not exactly match the new version.

¡Sebas Godoy!: starts the server secion men but leaves the window and choose select the only realm there and I do not cargase out I can do?

Mitchell Heary: I did everything in the video but when i start up worldserver.exe via the Repack Control it just crashes also in the server folder mysql is missing I realize these are two issues in the uploader comments but i still cant figure out whats wrong please help it would be greatly appreciated

JReviews17: When I launch the worldserver.exe it crashes, with some red text at the bottom; It goes by too fast for me to read. please help.

Jordy Thery: It is no longer needed. Use the starter application included.

MDKGunner: sorry correction it's saying that doesn't exit when it's in the maps folder

Megusta Negusta: hey i have the 9.7.9 version and i cant find the batch file -_-

PinkMinotaur: Hey, Please make a video on how to create accounts I've tried everything nothing seems to work, and whats a ' world console which you told the other guy? :/

Necrogothic x: and to set it public ????????????? no hamachi my friends can conect to my server but stay stuck in loging realm screen (cant log) since they can conect i guess conections are ok // like host settings reutter ports TCP settings :: they just cant log in ... any sugestions ?

Hell-Hound-Gaming: help:i got 2 errors ! C:\Users\pommy_angel\Desktop\Repack\Jeuties Blizzlike Repack 9.8.2.rar: Checksum error in Jeuties Blizzlike Repack 9.8.2\Server\MySQL\lib\plugin\auth_test_plugin.dll. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\pommy_angel\Desktop\Repack\Jeuties Blizzlike Repack 9.8.2.rar: Unexpected end of archive

Robb Stark: oh yea and theres red writing i can make out what it says cause the thing closes

d4rkm4ss: so, im looking to make my server online, hamachi atleast, can you help me out? it would be very much apreciated :) skype if u got it. is Kizlizma, and just message me on that, im not on youtube to often and i never check messages so :P

Elias Niño: I do that like in the video, but when i try to select the realm the realm es greyed out and cant enter, HELP :(

MDKGunner: I can't remember sorry :( if i can recall how to do it then i'll let you know

CéCo - The Noob Zed: pls how can i import weapeons to this repack ?

jumpychan670: I'm not sure why.. but the apache keeps on crashing... :( MySql/world/login server all work fine.. :(

hewspape: Love your repack but i have just one problem, i made my server instant 80 but i can't seem to find how you change so death knights have all talents and start in a different area or can teleport out of dk starting zone. Help is appreciated!

Hell-Hound-Gaming: ! C:\Users\pommy_angel\Desktop\vmaps_9.8.0.rar: Checksum error in vmaps\Azjol_Lowercity.wmo.vmo. The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\pommy_angel\Desktop\vmaps_9.8.0.rar: Unexpected end of archive ! C:\Users\pommy_angel\Desktop\maps_9.7.6.rar: Checksum error in maps\ The file is corrupt ! C:\Users\pommy_angel\Desktop\maps_9.7.6.rar: Unexpected end of archive ! C:\Users\pommy_angel\Desktop\mmaps_9.8.0.rar: Checksum error in mmaps\0004135.mmtile. The file is corrupt

SupmAh: Nvm, Got it to work great! One huge problem with the repack tho is the .gobject delete. SO annoying typing in guid everytime!

Jordy Thery: It should still be in the logs. ;-) Most likely your maps, vmaps or DBC aren't correct OR the connection with the MySQL database couldn't be initialized.

666shamura666: how can i make it public :S i try but it dont work.. world you be be kind and help me with that too :D and thanks

Matthieu vdb: You have to complie it, you can find how to on the FAO section of jeutie's forum page...

funnyvictimize123: oh never mind fixed it :D

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How to set up Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack
How to set up Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack
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How to set up Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack