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Samantha Thomas: Does your dog kennel's pull out tray move around in the kennel? Mine does. It doesn't fit exaclty end to end, it has a little moving space. Is that a bad thing? Do you think mine would get his leg stuck or hurt or anything?
bravesfan1998: what is your psn account
mertxscape: kannst du mir vlt hier kurz mal schreiben ob du mit zufrieden bist und ob es probleme gab mit dem pc weil ich bin kjrz davor mir einen zu bestellen (2,5 k + € ) und will sicher gehen dass auch danach wirklich alles passt :)
Cookie Monster1122: This helped so much! I just got this, and I'm getting a camera soon. I will be making videos shortly!!!
amy homsi: thank you for sharing i plan on making this bed in a few weeks :) its so beautiful
Bam Jung: ขอบคุณครับ
FPV Power: I've used Itead twice now, and both orders were shipped within 3 days of ordering. That seems to be the case for most people, although I guess it's hit and miss. For the price I'm not complaining.
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