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ichiro25250: とりあえずメモリーカードは必須のようです。
Josh Powell: The whole point was to show people how stock it was, and how awsome it ran. It only had 128,000 miles, and ran like a top. I traded it for an 85 chevy silverado, with a 350 in it.
AAAjoken: 室内でボールを投げて遊べるアンパンマンの珍しいおもちゃ!
stanka čierna: Ja ho mam som spokojná sním 
ThirdCoastRC: Hi, There is a lot of power going through those big wheels on instant high torque electric power. You need to use the punch control on the ESC to protect the diffs. If you do this it's not a significant issue. On the ESC, we have no issues. It's a strong ESC, runs well, and does not get hot, we have not smoked one in any of our trucks. Hope this helps.
Tulio Carvalho: Quanto que e uma dessa?
Al Fernandez: Inhaling is pointless but keeping the smoke in your mouth isn't ? Not inhaling is still doing you harm dipcrap. Might as well get harmed from getting a buzz than keeping it in your mouth like a maggot. I inhale blacks almost on a daily basis. Wtf is the point then ? So you can look cool ? You're the hosted idiot.
Novo celular 3D da LG: Optimus 3D MAX