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Nickolay Ilyushin (Ancient): Говори уверенней и убери шумы из микрофона
FLIGHTCOPTER Flying Camera Systems GmbH: could you introduce also, how is it possible, to get an simple KMZ and GPX file from the iosd mkII logs ?
myrene copeland: are you still using this camera?
Christine N.: Can you do a video on how to apply the soeil tan de Chanel as well as a mini review and how it dries??
Shamar Waahington: I'm 11 and got 720s spinning 
ควันหลง น๊จร๊: สู้ๆน่ะค่ะพี่นก
Yen Dela Cruz: i thought you were an 8 or 8.5? :D
Novo celular 3D da LG: Optimus 3D MAX