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mcshinee: great great job !! i actually broken down my macbook i bought 3 yrs ago is it anyproblem for my macbook? can u give me more detally? im not that expert like you can u help me ? steps by steps and what i need for it to perfectly make it heppen thanks
Guilherme Souza Aquino: não mudou quase nada em relação ao Optimus 3D
imthebadguys: thank you for the mod review, I really like mods like ysmir, makes skyrim feels more AWESOME! But the voice in the video is still a little hard to hear.
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Drigs John: kaya kong gawin ung QS(QuickScope) na yan, gus2 ko na kc iwan ang Crossfire, punung-puno kasi ng cheater eh!
magicman5668: what is the psp mac address
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Novo celular 3D da LG: Optimus 3D MAX