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unstoppable5044: I think he's your camera man and because isn't crazy Russian meant to be Russian?
Jordan Davidson: but craptiest music ive ever heard
BobSkiz1: Nice. I've got a T25 with a tired JX. Can't decide what to do with it but an aaz might be the way forward
Alex Beal: Cool check out my house and vids
EZdick1234: Hahahahahahaha, suck my balls.
YATVZ: @xXRudrraXx oh jesus xD
Marlowe Enriquez: can these be a replacement for normal driving lights, in situations such as highway driving? because they dont seem to project as far as driving lights do, aswell as the fact that you have both the light bar and driving lights installed.
Novo celular 3D da LG: Optimus 3D MAX