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Szymon Waliczek: I want this running Ubuntu touch :)
Monster High Friends: "cola branca" is "glue white"! Kisses #I'mBrazilian 
1975supermike: GPS on my one x sucks is it something that can be fixed ? My Desire was perfect this shows me all over the place
GamesHQMedia: More new gameplay! - Sunset Overdrive Gameplay #2
JackieChanBatman: so gettin this set, and wow, MAH FIRST TOP COMMENT WOOT!
Gare Bear's Gaming Ground: I've been wanting the NES style GBA for sooo many years.... why did I not ever buy one of those?!
ReRe5053: i miss this game, i only got to finish it once and i wanted to do it again :(
Novo celular 3D da LG: Optimus 3D MAX