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Joe Smith: Perfect walk through of how to change these bulbs. What is the green cover for? Is it to make the dash lights light green? If you didn't put the green on, would the lights be white? I prefer white over light green. thanks
AMIGOneverPro: 2x core procesors is not for bf3 , in 4x core you can get 55/70fps or more
Elaine Hau: U look so cute with ur curly hair!!!😊😊
Abhilash Pillai: love u so much laletta
กัญจนาพร ช.: พี่สร้างเรือใหม่ได้แล้วนะภาระกิจผมอะตามหายัก
Ovvy / Best FIFA 15 Tutorials & Tips / Squad Builders / Pack Openings / Skills: Which formation would you like to see next in this series? Don't forget to leave a like. Cheers :)
James King: I used to not hold the pellets in my mouth to be quiet and for speed I actually chewed them into round balls. I am wish my dad told me it was bad before I had been doing it for 3 or 4 years.
Novo celular 3D da LG: Optimus 3D MAX