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Eclipses Q: This game is so freaking good.
Andrew Zabel: in china inet shop you have find absolutely all :)
RVA9495: +Fathinyusof Thanks for watching as usual Fathin! Really appreciate it.
TheMistahJayden: Hey Steve, how were you able to see the footage underwater? The Go Pro has a LCD screen that allows you to see while you're down there. The live view remote is only 10 feet. Is there any thing i can do to go around that?
thomas backer: bye bye bmw! XD lesson nr 1 to all of you bmw fankids: NEVER EVER mess with audis rs- models UNLESS you have tuned it to bugatti performence! only then bmw has something to say! LEARN IT!
l34052: Beautiful beautiful sound, the V10s were the best but the V8s sounded awesome too I thought. I dont even know where to begin on how bad the 2014s sound...
femwrest: Wow, Khai Yan looks hotter and hotter each time you see her!! :-p
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