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TheWolfinspirit: did you know tomato puree and layzee garlic ,ginger and chilli are syn free now
Damir Franc: Is that with the RAM for sure, I mean 4/8GB? I never heard of that before. Only 2GB. I would be willing to pay a few exytra bucks for the 4GB version
Mary Doyle: thank you so much
freetosewandcraft1: Forgot to tell you, I added this to my favorite videos on my channel.
lorrainesan: Mamrie Hart is the best!! :) love the combo Grace+Mamrie = Drunken Fun!!!
Nikola Iliev: Great dual i bet triple is next ??
gurgo887: Ciao,tu hai montato ripotenziamento + jolly + 34 + v-force no? E come ti sembra la moto con il 34 al posto del 28? e il v-force? Grazie!
Novo celular 3D da LG: Optimus 3D MAX