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Nazrin Dowser: You know, he never did do the video with pictures of pillows and blankets.
Darene Staniszewski: The more I watch your lp's the more I want the game, but I'm a mac user so thats not going to happen, I called EA today and they said they have no date at all planned for the mac release, not even Christmas where you would think they would want to make money, its really amazing how us mac users have to deal with this. Great job Quinn, I'm really enjoying your lp's though, its making me feel like I have the game, thanks for all your hard work in recording :)
Frame By Frame Toons: Nice to know mewtwo finally got a handle on things
Furkan Celik: Hey tauscht du dein motorola moto x 1st bambus gegen mein s4
gfhfhrthsefsehtjgngd: @hlolh7212 I owned it before him, and the owner before me dropped it and the mirror broke. Neither of us gave a crap about it lol
Englishman French: A very balanced video, with some interesting cutaways, plus a good look at try guns, even these are presented with a really first rate finish, my favourite would be the 1898 Falling block!
LA CHRONICLES: thats down the street from my home.. at these i dont have to go to whole food when i want to try it out finally
Novo celular 3D da LG: Optimus 3D MAX