Selfmade Macro Stack Rail

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Ertuğrul Ulusoy: absolutely creative :) superb job

opendrivers: Super! danke fuer's zeigen, wo kann ich das kaufen?
Oder eine bastelanleitung, sind das standarteile die sich jeder kaufen kann, oder muss man die "finden", oder gar anfertigen? Das ist halt immer der pferdfuss...

Stu “Stu8fish” eightfish: Neat set up. Well engineered. I have been looking at potential home built designs but I do not have your engineering skills. Observations. 1. The camera is moved for each shot, your well engineered design copes with moving the heavy weight well but moving the subject (less weight) is easier to do. 2. The shutter releases quickly after the motor stops, with flash illumination any movement is frozen but if there are any vibrations the image is could be out of alignment. I am using 6x diffused LED lamps so much slower shutter speeds so a delay is needed for for potential vibrations to stop. What circuit do you use for the movement and shutter release?
Love the linear bearings and lack of duck tape.

Dmax: great idea , you should look at using a stepper motor and an objective lens as I did with mine , I think with this set up it you would get some amazing results,  well done you have done a great job :)

Sc Photo: Interesting ! Do you have any instructions on how to built one like this ? thanks

Paul Paulsen: Wie ist die Bezeichnung für das höhenverstellbare "Tischchen" im Hintergrund? Wo bekommt ma so etwas?

S3bast1an: wir wollen immer noch die fertigen Bilder sehen ;) 

Mehran Loud: you are so crazy :D

blutformel: Geniale Konstruktion!

Jan Roempp: seeehr geiles gerät!! Respeeekt!

Andy Privat: Bilder ??

Andy Privat: Wann kommen denn die Ergebnisse ?

Stefan Richter: ausgezeichnet!

DerXilef: Hey du bist wieder da !

XTrBass: Das Video soll erstmal den mechanischen Aufbau zeigen, fertige Bilder kommen später.

german work guy: ist das blid jetzt fertig

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selfmade macro stack rail 5 out of 5

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selfmade macro stack rail
selfmade macro stack rail
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mehdi mafkour: second xd Awesome vid
Ertuğrul Ulusoy: absolutely creative :) superb job
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Maldito Juanchii: yo lo tengo y quisiera venderlo esta practicamente sin uso pero no se a cuanto venderlo
selfmade macro stack rail