Straight Talk ZTE Majesty Review

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Peter Colby: I've had this phone for 2 years and have never had an issue with it. It's reliable, never dropped a call, never froze, and performs as expected. Considering the cost of this phone, I couldn't ask for anything better. For those who want a more powerful phone with greater capability, I would suggest you pay the additional money.

Kaylona Clark: Gettinf this phone tomorrow and now I'm completely happy because i had no idea what it would bring because I'm getting it offline but thank you for making my day :-)

Total Wafflez!!!: $80 on walmart website right now.. Buying my phone next week for work purposes only and family ... Can't wait.. Thanks for posting.

awkward kid: My boyfriend had this phone and it worked perfectly and I'm thinking of getting it because it seems really good from what I've seen he had it over a year it worked perfectly only problem is the touchscreen broke but he breaks his phones easily so on that note it means it pretty durable. I know for one thing through the worst phone out there is Kyocera hydro icon that's the phone especially with boast mobile I've had and its the worst it may have a shatter proof screen but it over heats and restarts itself constantly and now I can't even use it just it because to many problems.

Kaylee Adair: How long have u had this phone I am thinking about getting one or the verizon pre paid lg transpyre I don't know yet cause I've been seeing bad revies on the majesty and I want a good well working phone that can keep me connected to the Internet where ever I go cause I can't afford Internet at my place 

leebo: Why does my zte majesty says charging stopped temperature too high or to low

Linda Easley: Update: phone freezes up regularly and web sites inexpicably shut down. 

Aubrey Owens: I have the ZTE Majesty and it works fine for me. The only problem I've had is the phone resetting while I watch YouTube and it doesn't do it often enough for it to brother me.

Thomas Stroud: How many gb do this have

Thomas Stroud: Is this phone a good phone cause I'm thinking about getting one

lostlotta: This is a great phone! I have had mine for a year now and its still going strong

Jessie WIlks: Its 79.99 right now!!!

Angela DeBoxtel: What's the difference between the ZTE Majesty and HTC Majesty? I just got the HTC for my birthday,, really curious... 

Patrick Flanagan Sr: Love all your reviews, I will be getting this phone soon. I have big fingers how is the texting key pad.?

leeleeturn: why is it that most of the people who comment are people that had bad experiences. I doubt that they are the majority of the owners. My dad and I both have had one for over a year and we love ours.

Torrey Ellison: whats the difference between jellybean and icecream sanwich?

MusicDJz1: I read that the ZTE Source cases fit this phone perfectly. Just ordered the phone and a source case and will let y'all know if it's true.

BLUExEYEDxSLICKT: Nevermind I figured a walk around to our picture delete problem.

BLUExEYEDxSLICKT: I just threw this damn phone back on the couch and told the wife good luck. She is pissed cause she has pictures on it and can't delete the damn things in the photo gallery. It says she has backups ready but won't let her delete the freaking pictures. When she goes into her photo app on the phone it doesn't show those backup ready pictures but has 3 pictures from before and gives a option to delete those. These gallery pictures are just there and wont go away. I turned off auto upload but

Straight Talk ZTE Majesty Review 5 out of 5

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Straight Talk ZTE Majesty Smart Phone Review - YES - Verizon Network
Straight Talk ZTE Majesty Smart Phone Review - YES - Verizon Network
Straight Talk ZTE Majesty Review
Straight Talk ZTE Majesty Review
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ZTE Majesty Review - Straight Talk Android 4.1 with Verizon Coverage
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ZTE Majesty Review - My Upgrading from the LG Optimus Q LG55C for Straight Talk
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Caleb Shadle: just finished building mine.  I think your design is the best by far.  I am having one issue with it and it is the same issue that my friend has with his.  When we start using it, it doesnt stay focused on whatever we want.  Ie if i am pointing it at our christmas tree and start walking around it will stat to rotate sideways so its looking away from the tree.  Any suggestions on what to do?
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Straight Talk ZTE Majesty Review