Sony Xperia Z - Install Games And Apps To SD Card (Swap Internal With Micro Sd) -

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Ello Oku: Did not work on Xperia Z Tablet running 5.1.1. How do I get it to work?

rizwan wan: xperia sp can work??

Saito kun: great vid but didnt work for me

emir Alzubaydi: Will this work on the Sony Experia m4 aqua?

Aisha KAnnu: didn't work for me =(
i have a xperia e3 dual
model no D2212
android version 4.4.4
build number 18.5.B.0.26

Krzysztof Niemiec: i Got only 1.25 gigabytes :(

Frank Zvovu: For the life of me, I'll never understand why the idiots at Google don't make this a built in feature. They sold Android on the scam of being "more open" than Apple but you still need to jailbreak to do what you want. They just call it a different thing i.e. root...

Bohuš Oravec: Does this work with a Xperia E3 White? PLS RESPOND

mateoU3: dude, does it work in Xperia z3 compact?

MO DOCTOR LOLy: can it work for xperia sp

Shotaro27: I hate to say but... Mine said 'Operation Failed' And I'm using Xperia L...

Harsh Chavan: just amazing video my friend.
So simple and easy way to have fun without any querries

bocker2000: I have a rooted Sony Xperia L , and I did exactly as said on your video and it swapped internatl storage with sd card but it still says "insufficient storage space on the device" I think it's because most of the apps are installed in the device memory so my uqestion is : how can I swap the device memory with the sd card?

Rishabh Mishra: Did it work on Xperia c

Siddhesh Talokar: Hey bro...nice wrk der...just wanted to know if this method can work on my xperia zr with android 4.4.4?

freaky2xd: NOOOOO
great now my xperia z reboots every 10 seconds when i get to the lockscreen...
i even didn't had enough time to remove this stupied file!


Suhail Hakeem: Didn't worked on xperia sp

Burak Ünver: im using xperia z ultra , can i use this ?

Inayat Shah: Thanks man it worked on my Xperia L

Sony Xperia Z - Install Games and Apps to SD Card (Swap Internal with Micro Sd) - 5 out of 5

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Sony Xperia Z - Install Games and Apps to SD Card (Swap Internal with Micro Sd) -