Multiple Pepper Sprays Compared: Mace Triple Action, Sabre Red, And Others

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Gymcrackery (Karen): Can you imagine spraying this at close range and it bouncing back onto YOUR face.. Then you are both incapacitated together and its just a race to see who recovers first. 

Crowshill777: Fox Lab makes the best pepper spray. Five million SHU's at 15%. They have fogger units which spray out to 20 feet. Glasses are no problem.

andrenj1970: UDAP pepper spray;)

Boob Wiley: Fox brand #1 Green Beret approved 

FutureLaugh: great review- what do you think of the pepper guns?

Brock X: I was kinda disappointed when I heard he couldn't get anyone to be pepper sprayed.

Dave Coulter: Law Enforcement loves that Pepper Gel. It sticks to whatever it lands on like glue. 

Bryan Rae: None of these compare to the 18%oc wildfire fire spray, 3,000,000 scoville heat units

RIVER_CITY_TACTICAL (midnitesi): gel based sprays are more useful in a corrections or jail setting, as they can spray through the bars, the second one used, is intended for hand to hand combat deployment, #3 is an old design made for women with small fingers, and only has an effective use of 1 year, or when deployed, that is it, and effects don't last long, #4 is good for dogs and going on walks, but again effects don't last long, #5 is great for corrections intended as well, and highly recommended for everyday carry, effects last for about 45 minutes and will kick back up when water is used or if the person starts sweating, #6 and 7 are great for extended everyday carry at a high rise or something of that effect, and effects last just as long as #5, overall, a foam is the best option of all you tested, you can get a holster for the #5 option that is legal to open carry in most states, or to just blouse a shirt over,

GuardDogsUK: This is classed as a firearm in the UK and as I am 17 I can get 3-10 years in prison for this. However, I had a group of people trying to mug me once and as I fought back (hands and feet), they didn't get arrested at all...however I got detained by the police for kicking back with my TKD moves. I wish I could carry some pepper spray. The police say "if you carry it, criminals use it"...I rather criminals using pepper spray than someone slashing my face open with a knife of beating me up to death/giving me brain damage.

chris spivey: I carry a pocket knife.sooooooo FYI, an antigun organization is using your video to promote their company.

1122Maikel: If the pepper spray doesn't work. Time for plan B. Draw my concealed firearm.

Payper Planes: Thank you for all the info, although it seems you said a lot of extra stuff that didn't need to be said, when most people just want to see how it works and how effective it is. I think the Saber looked like it works the best. I would use it if someone attacked bare handed, not a weapon. For a weapon, you get the gun - same for forceful home entry: if you break into my house, I'm not going to pepper spray you, you're going to get shot. Period.

Leigh Ann Murray: Please make more vids on pepper spray 

Andrea Bray: very good video dude! unfortunately, here in Italy we've got very restricted laws on Oc spray.. but this was really useful anyway

lavatube11: In response to "A.Byrd": Wasp spray is ineffective (different ingredients that only affect insects) and probably against federal law. Read the analysis at the end of the following article:

Al Caruso: Excellent Video. Well done and informative. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make it!!

EagleDefenseProducts Dave Hammett: Excellent information and analysis, will share with friends, family, and customers.

tiredtridude: The gel doesn't give you as many blowback issues if there is a slight breeze

evangelon2: Thank you for the video, it was very helpful

Leigh Ann Murray: Make more videos of pepper spray plz I want to learn more about fox labs pepper spray, ruger pepper spray, streetwise pepper spray and wildfire pepper spray 

jmpgfoto1: After a very bad experience with an attacking dog yesterday (during cycling) I bought a Sabre 3 in 1 (personal keychain unit) that I'll attach to handlebars since I need something immediately but I think the Fox Labs is the best according to friends & fellow cyclists. The Fox is on order and will arrived soon. Bottom line, when dealing with an aggressive dog he will likely be within a couple of feet by the time you can spray him but you will be moving in the wind so you don't want something that will go off in all directions as you'll miss the dog and get yourself. The stream units seem to be best from what I see and hear plus you want something REALLY strong like the Fox and similar sprays. Pet stores were selling Halt! but the stuff seemed more centered on not harming the animal than protecting the victim!

Michael Patterson: Fox is junk.... if you don't believe me read this article: The pepper spray industry isn't regulated hence why there can be such an un-reputable product like Fox. Also, any spray claiming to be more than 10% OC is more than likely misrepresenting there product. It's highly unlikely any spray contains more than 10% OC and OC% itself doesn't mean much other than how much pepper is in the product. Who cares if that pepper isn't hot.. Read this if you want to be a little more educated on pepper spray/OC spray:

Alfred Zig: An excellent video ...

Miley Cyrus: imagine spraying that in someones nose

capwlf: Good demonstration, don't worry about the plants, animals & insects in the test area...

nonokitty: this was very helpful, thank you so much! i think i've made up my mind after watching this. and i appreciate the plate as your subject instead of a real person.

Sweden: I wish pepperspray was legal where i live

Frank Allen: Thank you so much, I'm trying to find the best way for my girlfriend to protect herself when she is alone

theinsolentlynx: Great video, thank you! Another one you might want to check out (that addresses the wind and spray back issues) is the Kimber Pepper Blaster II. I always carry it when I carry my gun.

mrphotoid: Great video comparison.. thanks.. The Sabre Red home/away seemed best.. the home can was amazing.

Haseeb2: Pepper spray does not need to go into the eyes to be effective. Even if someone is wearing sun glasses, the spray can go in their nose, mouth and ears and be just as effective as spray in the eyes. Also, it will burn the skin on their face as well.

tubeampplayer: Many thanks for this excellent and very helpful video! Go on with such fine work like this ...

Nick Caveman: great vid, quite useful, some good issues covered since I want one of these for my gf and my mon.

naruhina012607: the home kit is like vomit

John Smith: Pepper Spray works the best in my opinion. In the correctional academy you are exposed to Pepper Spray and Mace. The Pepper Spray is much, much, much more powerful than mace. Pepper spray works immediately, while mace takes nearly a minute to start working. Even when you are only able to pepper spray the attacker in the chest, the fumes will make it extremely difficult for them to see AND breathe. But mace is ONLY effective when sprayed directly in the eyes.

tvercetti1: Yeah that damn thing might be big but it will save someone's life when it counts. Canada REALLY needs to change their stupid laws. I feel so bad for them in that messed up country.

Jelle Bosmans: Hey, I have a question, I want a taser and peperspray that I will only use at home, for if an intruder comes into my house and asks me for money, threatens me. The price is not really an issue, I just want a good peperspray ( gun or normal peperspray ) and a taser gun. It needs to be very reliable, if I click on it it needs to fire and remove the thread got any items for me? Thanks!

ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube): I intended to explain to people who are new to the idea, _why_ they would choose one type vs the other, what the differences are in how to use them; which you don't get from just seeing the spray pattern. If you only want to see the different spray patterns one right after another then skip to the end (14:10) where I take them all and just spray until empty.

MutterUndKind: Good work, thank you

A Byrd: In a home or office, wasp/hornet spray is very effective, accurate and cheap.

ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube): I am not convinced by the claims of OC+CS. It think alot of Manufacturers _claim_ CS, but its probably not as strong as the real police/military stuff???. At least, when I sprayed it, just being around it didn't make my eyes water like some of the stronger "straight pepper spray" stuff did. Like I said, I couldn't get a volunteer to be sprayed in the face, so I can't say for sure one way or another.

shawn so: very educational video my friend, thank you for posting

AvyScottandFlower: RIP @paper plate Great review!

Multiple Pepper Sprays Compared: Mace Triple Action, Sabre Red, and others 4.9 out of 5

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Multiple Pepper Sprays Compared: Mace Triple Action. Sabre Red. and others
Multiple Pepper Sprays Compared: Mace Triple Action. Sabre Red. and others
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Multiple Pepper Sprays Compared: Mace Triple Action, Sabre Red, and others