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Elia Falu: You gotta buy something for you to win

Francisco Santiago: I hope I am doin it right because I play everyday

pauline mcpherson-thomas: PCH im registering to become a Superfan, i wanna win too...

Charlene Wilcox: Hi Michele Lam,I have to register to be a Super-Fan every day...Is there something wrong with My Links from the up-side;I think PCH is so Awesome that I play every Day! This week I won $20 playing PCH Bingo!!!! God Bless All at! They make winning Fun!

George McGovern: Good Luck all because PCH is actually running a lottery and not a sweepstakes. PCH give all enteries a random number than have their computer create a random number then compare the computer's to all the previous random numbers....Just like powerball! (Sweepstakes would be a random pick of one previous entry).

Dawn vanderpool: i would love it to become a super fan

Willie walker: I wish i be the winner

Michelle Eaton: I want to be a PCHSuperfan

Dawn vanderpool: i would love it to become a super fan

Renota Johns: Hello D,you and people chance hot,or nothing.

pauline mcpherson-thomas: Congrat's Mary, best of luck to u....

Mary Mary: SuperFan thats Me

Angello L. Riviera-Calderone: I have to dream and hope. If not I really don't know...

Andrea Harris: Hello! To everybody who reads...., my name is Andrea Harris, I pray and Hope that I win! To be very truthful, I have never won anything in my life at all. I'm 48 years old now. I have watched years come and go...and nothing good ever came from each and every year. They say, "Good things come to those who wait." Well, I'm still waiting for something good to come my way. I really don't want to wait till I'm well into my 80ties or 90ties I'll be way too old by then and way to old to enjoy my life. I Andrea Harris, am a great big fan of P.C.H. and the prize patrol team. Your my only HOPE!! 

Brenda Caslin: I hope i win i have a facebook pAge iam superfan for pch

katrina may: I want to win on November 26 th 

Linda Kobernik: Ware do u register to b a superfan?

Duke Rose: Duke Rose is a great fan of PCH.


Kenyatta Chisholm: only god can here my cry.

Terena Gearhart: Does a young person over 21 ever win?

Darcy Camacho: 2013←←←lol I meant

michelle saucedo: My lucky numbers 01 03 04 06 07 11 13

Kevinscott Scott: God bless I am a super fan straight out of Fort Pierce Florida

Susan Roberts: Susanroberts Has been a fan of PCH Superfan since1985 in Florida.

keeperofthebirds womanwalkininfaith: i keep prayin and hoping and playin

pauline mcpherson-thomas: Pls register me for PCH Super fun, thnx in advance...

Darcy Camacho: I'm a huge fan of pch may the lord bless me on November 26, 2012 I'm praying sooo hard 

Holley: PCH's Marketing Department has succeeded!!!! Now all PCH contestants can view, from time to time, all PCH winners even down to the amounts of $250. Great job PCH.

Thomas McDonough: I've been playing for awhile and am a disabled vet with a whole family depending on me, it would be put to good use I can promise you.


Gloria Lewis: I WANT TO WIN ON NOVEMBER 26,2013


GBlair1: Thank you, PCH, I've been a PCH SuperFan for a few years now and I hope to become a big winner soon! I'm health/vision-disabled and I would be very grateful to win! Good luck to everyone! :o)

Ana Medina: Would be a big blessing rite about now

Kim King: This is kimsboys284 I'm already a fan.

SophiasMom32711: I'm looking for 5 determined people with flexible hours that want to work from home! Once you start, you can make your owns hours, and ultimately decide your own earnings! To get started go ahead and message me! Thank you :-)

carmamer926: I could use those kind of coins!!

Christine Martin: Just wanted to say that publishers clearinghouse is so awesome god bless you all and all your families.Good luck every one.

Pam Stephens: I'm going to be a great day. To win 7,000.00 a week for life prize! Woooo, Hoooo! Because I'm a SUPER FAN!☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Breaking News For PCHSuperfans 4.9 out of 5

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Breaking News For PCHSuperfans
Breaking News For PCHSuperfans
April 30th 2014 $1 Million PCH SuperPrize Winner Penny Pompa
April 30th 2014 $1 Million PCH SuperPrize Winner Penny Pompa
3/19 Prize Delivery Update
3/19 Prize Delivery Update
Publishers Clearing House Feb 29. 2012 Million Dollar Winner!
Publishers Clearing House Feb 29. 2012 Million Dollar Winner!
Publishers Clearing House $100.000.00 Winner in Missouri!
Publishers Clearing House $100.000.00 Winner in Missouri!
Danielle Introduces $1 Million A Year
Danielle Introduces $1 Million A Year "Forever"
How Are Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Winners Selected?
How Are Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Winners Selected?
Enter to Win $7.000 A Week For Life From Publishers Clearing House!
Enter to Win $7.000 A Week For Life From Publishers Clearing House!

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Breaking News For PCHSuperfans