Harbor Freight Sawmill

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Matt Casdorph: I want one of these so bad, I don't like the chainsaw mill, this seems like it would be faster.

WILSON!: Is the angle iron supported by a concrete base? How do you keep all of the extensions flat?

Jon Shelton: been thinking of buying one of these mills myself just cant really make up my mind yet i know the stuff harbor frieght sells isnt built to last a lifetime,read a lot of good comments about it though but still seems confused if i should or not

Clark Swindell: Just got my HF mill last week, set up on Saturday.  Didn't get an extra blade but the one shipped with it seems OK.  I did read the comments below and ordered 10 Cooks blades and have them on hand.  Its 156 but then almost 50 for shipping.  BTW, I got my saw in 2 weeks.  I feared for the worst but got great service and shipping.  Took my trailer and picked it up at freight company.  Will try and post my own videos of mill.

Norm: Do you have any more videos of the HF mill you have? Would you recommend it? I'm interested in buying one but need feedback. Thanks.

Devon Leo Emery: hey folks need advice in need of a used mill within the HF range i want to ship overseas for a small project also i am willing to trade for tropical Mahogany..please advise

jk: I have one of these as well.  I had to wait about 6 months for delivery.  Same deal with the truck.  I had no good way to unload it so we had to break the crate open on the truck and take the parts off one at a time and lug them onto my trailer.

I have the mill set up stock and I also want to do some bracing on it.  I am also looking for some more track, but so far all of the lumbber I have used has been 8 feet or under anyway.

The stock blade was fine for going through pine and soft wood but just chattered like crazy when I tried going through anything hard.  I bought new blades from  kascocorp.com and they work great.  I was going right through a white oak log that was as wide as the mill would take. In fact I had to shave the side a little with my chainsaw as it was a bit too big.  No chattering or anything.

Overall I am very happy with this.  I did a few simple things. I went through half a 10 pack of black tape and covered all the exposed ends on the handles etc.  I taped down the hose for the water lube.  I have mine at a slight negative incline so it will auto return.  I want to do braces on both the front and rear of the head to stiffen that up and I want to add weights to down by the wheels to keep it tracking smoothly.

For the $$ you just can not go wrong.  It is too bad that HF no longer seems to be selling these.  The woodland Mills saws seem to be pretty much the same saw with a slightly larger engine and some little gee gaws added.  Might be your next choice if you can not get the HF unit. 

Rod Halverson: Thanks for the reply. I called Cooks and let them know what I had. They were very helpful and told me how to fill out the order form, so I got the right blades. I did the same, 10 blades for $150; what a great deal.

HowToDanny: hey man they called me when i order and they asked just to make sure it would fit i got the 10 blades for 150 dollars deal there good people

Rod Halverson: Hello, can you let us know which blade you ordered from Cooks Saws? I looked at their web site and I couldn't find a listing for HF for Pittsburg Machine.

Rod Halverson: I think I got the last one. I ordered it in March 2013 and had two back orders to delay. I got it late August. I was looking here for set up ideas. I'm going to try and set it up in the next week or two, before the weather changes, but I may be too late for that. Oh well, I can work in the rain if needed. I will record the set and the first cuttings and post them when ready.

DannysCam: i just saved up enough for it and now they stopped selling it lol

Ryan Jeffries: Does HF still sell them? i can't find it on the website.

Lifeonthenation: concrete block foundation about 18" to top of tracks above grade yes leve is best I think its easy to push. I have it dead center of a cantilevered shed roof . All you need is room to walk beside it I use some old log ramps from an old Frick 00 saw mill.. as far as suggestions I need to secure mine in with concrete. Turning large logs knocks my track off true. i had the steal from an old electrical tower that matched HF's tracks Check out woodland mills Chanel it looks the same good tips

Allen Carney: I ordered one March 30th, I just got an email that said Sept.

gordowolff: I just got mine from harbor freight, took about 3 months because it was backordered. It was on sale for 1695 and II found a 20% off on the internet so I think it ended up being around 1550. with shipping. Thee truck had no lift gate so I used my excavator and chains to unload it. Do you think you could post some close up video of the work you did on yours?

Lifeonthenation: I waited almost 6 months it's worth it saved a ton of money the. I ordered cooks saw blades to replace the cheap blade that comes with it dulled fast . 144" x 1 1/4

Darrel Hall: How long did you have to wait to get your sawmill? I ordered one Easter day and they told me it won't be here until November.

Harbor Freight Sawmill 5 out of 5

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Harbor Freight Sawmill