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Elergy lp: Fahr mal mit dem john deere bitte
FoddMasterZim: all you need now is a counter in the corner
A Tracy: how to contact to you?
Maicol Avila: saca uno con token ilimitado y mandas el link
Tasleem Akhtar: how do u get that wire
Rose Heptig: I wasn't planning to invest in rain barrels just yet, but you make it look so easy!  Thank you for talking about chlorine in the city water.  I hadn't considered about the damage it could do to my first big attempt at a vegetable garden - and I KNOW my water is full of it.  I have filters on my showers and kitchen sink... the plants need one too!
BrickJams: Nice haul man, some of these friends sets do have some really nice pieces I'm them. Like the flaming helmet too.
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