How To Make A Paracord Bullwhip - A Full Length Tutorial By Nick Schrader

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Anders Kongsbak: Where can i buy the paracorde you use for the plaiting?

HydraPro101: Question, is this lethal?

griffen davis: what about using friction tape instead of electrical tape

bobfalfa62: With out a doubt best tutorial on the web. Thank you for sharing you techniques. Awesome awesome

Jake Partridge: How much paracord did u use in total?

david nguyen: Could put up a video on how to braid to colors (on the last belly ) 

sdmartens99: hi nick i was wondering were you got that paracord? I'm thinking of making a nother bullwhip. my first one is awesome.p.s I'm 11 years old and my name is grace please comment back.

Melvin Thomas: Outstanding tutorial Nick. 

Fred Calderon: Hi Nick, I'm a big fan of your work. Is there and chance you might do a video of making a stock whip?

Halen Adair: Finished mine and I'm 11 haven't cracked it yet but will let you know how it sounds looks fat to me but what do I know hope fully is what I worked for 

Hooda Tai: Sweet vid. Thanks!

Nicholas Woods: Is it OK if I have more than half the core full of bb's? 

FANTASY FOR REAL: Thanks dude this is very helpful and the first one I've seen that actually use paracord it pretty sweet so thanks again

Stephon Murphy: I noticed that the 7 strand paracord was thinner than tha base padacord. What thickness was the base paracord? 

clayton ragsdale: Just made a whip using 3 ft of steel chain with shot loaded p-cord run through the middle extending to 4 ft, the shape makes a cool spiral and the action of the chain maintaining flex in the handle is quite nasty! Let me know any thoughts you have on it :)

Troy Walker: thanks Nick Schrader. i love my whip i couldnt get my cracker to stay on but i found an alternative way. im currently working on my second whip

Corey Adler: Do I hear dream theater? :O

Alex Belanger: Hey Nick, great tutorial! Im going to make one of these whips soon but i was wondering, how can you change the colour of the handle to something other than the rest of the whip? Please help me out!

Lewis Price: awesome tutorial Nick! very precise! just finished my whip, it cracks well and I loved that its not too difficult to make using your video, I will be making many more! thank you very much! could I make a video request? if thats alright, could you make a tutorial on how you make the plaited pommels and guards, to give the handle more detail, would love to know! Awesome Nick!

Malcolm Reynolds: Are the back of the braids supposed to look messy? And if it's not, how do I change that?

adrian manning: Hi Nick ,can i put the last belly in leathe thanks ..

The Art of Weapons: thanks so much nick for this tutorial! i have (with your help) been able to make my own and it cracks sooo loud! i will upload a video to my channel once i am finished editing thanks

Meinname geheim: Real grat video, many thanks to you Nick

Alberto Santos Bellido: Thanks a lot for the tutorial :)

Donny Lara: By far the best tutorial I've ever watched, and that goes for everything. Not just for whips, and I'm being sincere. Brilliant! 

Dash Costello: can you do a 12 foot tutorial

Dave Mack: thanks for the awesome video , i have had a great time making my own and how much fun they are to crack and to give away , you're the man 

Blake Smith: nick do we have to do the diamond plat on the handle or can you keep on going the way you where doing it? 

brandon ford: hey nick you have another video any where that would give 550 cord lengths for 4 foot, 8 foot and 12 foot whips?

GUTHIX0317: How long should the piece of paracord gut be for the cracker

Finn Browne: Sorry would you ever add more belly if it's a longer whip

Ironsolid: Nick, I am curious. It appears to me that a cracker is a thinner, lighter but stiffer portion to the end of the whip with hanging ends. Would three strands of the inside of the paracord attached and then braided work? Or would the extra bulk cause too much loss in aerodynamics? I'm curious to hear your educated response!

Nicholas Woods: You said this was a 6ft whip. If I wanted to make a 9ft whip how long would I cut the paracord and how long would all the measurements be compared to the 6th whip? 

Charles Dykes: Where and what type of nylon cord do you use for the whip core and where do you get it. I have looked everywhere for it, can't find it! Please help.

Michelle Owens: I bought some BB's but there not round does it matter?

Courtney Auld: Where can I find the cord you used to put the bbs in? I can't find it?

Homer Mayo: were did you get the needle

Dale Longmuir: hey nick I made the whip but I didn't have any paracorde so I used multipurpose rope that worked whip turned out great thanks I got some great cracks with it. Surprisingly I did it right the first time. it is my first whip.

Kyle Kakei: How much paracord is used in total?

MyXboxIsBroken: Does it affect the whip negatively if my core is longer than 6 feet? I want to follow your instructions but make it a bit longer. :)

Reyna L: This was a very awesome video!! I hope to try this sometime in the future.. I love whips and this was an excellent video on how to make a synthetic whip. I cant wait to watch more.. And hopefully try an make one, or three.

cole galloway: Thank you this video helped me a lot 

brony derp: Why is there no "like" times infinity? This vid is awesome!!!

Austin Combs: Love the tutorial! Simple and great explanations. But for my whip, in the last stretch it said to use 24 ft rather than 20 ft strands, but I'm still about a foot and a half short from the end.... Kind of bummed. Not sure how to make this work and I really don't want to have to restart. Any suggestions?

john stevenson: after a couple of attempts I've finally made a bullwhip that works very well. the last plait i cheated and did herringbone pattern all the way, the diamond pattern just did my head in. this is the first time I've plaited and after a few false starts I've got it. now just need to be adventurous with other plaiting styles. thanks for a great step by step video nick. 

WhalePyrate: Just made my year, Ty for the video mate, Will be trying this a.s.a.p., Be Well,

Tony Meredith: Hi Nick Thanks so much for sharing your trade, I have now completed my 3rd whip the first being a 6ft then a 8 ft and now a 9ft using your exact method, myself and my mates have been very impressed with the whips performance, the only change I have made is a 30inch fall and a slightly longer cracker/popper for a bigger bang with less effort :) Thanks so much for posting this, it is by far the best whip making tutorial on the net. anyone reading this that is contemplating making a whip, just do it. Follow this tuturial by Nick it is step by step explained extremely well in full detail. Thanks Again mate....Tony (Western Australia)

Trent Scibetta: Hey can you use airsoft bbs for this because i have many airsoft guns and alot of airsoft bbs

240490matt: Cracking video! I actually had no intention of making a whip and just wanted to learn a couple of knots but I'm really considering giving this a go. How much paracord do you need in total to make it?

Colin Danforth: I'm running into a bit of an issue with my first attempt. I have 1/4" rod, and 1/4 diamond-braid rope, but I can't feed the rod into the rope without tearing it. I bought the exact same cord as you have listed in the comment section. Should this maybe be 3/8" diamond-braid? The rod has no space to be inserted it only gets about 1/2-1" into the cord before it starts tearing, and actually I'm having the same problem trying to feed the 1/4" steel shot. Can you give me some advice on this?

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How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader 4.9 out of 5

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How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader
How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader
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How to Make a Paracord Bullwhip - a full length tutorial by Nick Schrader