Heart Embryology Video

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sruthie sunny: incredibly helpful. useful for quick revision and understanding.

Amit Singh: thank u so much for this it helped me alot

TwistedOracle: Thanks

Susy becerrap: Amazing, thank you, it help allot!

Swati Sapuru: thank u so much..it was perfect video.. from heart tube to foetal circulation

mandar shinde: it's amazing what a good 10 mins of explanation can do, better then d hours I spent on daigrams

Noha Abdulkarim: thank you so much for this clear description ... i have got a headache trying to understand what is written in the book ; but now it all came into my mind as simply as watching a cartoon

Peter Ridge: These was an amazing and informative video. thank you.

musiclover2636: thanks a lot

Yusra Khan: Extremely helpful, thank you so much (:

Deepika Madozi: Loved it

Sarah md: Thank you very much ..this was very useful

Roohi Andleeb: thanks a lot Doc.
very conceptual video

Nooshin Kiani Nia: couldn't have been better! thanks!

Rachel Moore: Thanks!!! who would give this a thumbs down?

Gaetano Di Bartolo: Thank you

ahmed sellow: thanks very much

Lasfar Amal: Really shows Gods Power!

Ramsha Abid: oh this 9;30 mins has made my life :D

Dr Syed Fida: fetal circulation out here is pretty awesome. ..

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Heart embryology video 5 out of 5

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Heart embryology video
Heart embryology video
13- The development of the heart
13- The development of the heart
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Cardiovascular Embryology & Anatomy (USMLE Tutorial)
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USMLE - Embryology of Heart - Part 1

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Heart embryology video