BIKINI X MIAMI X Jessica Kylie - 2013 Calendar Shoot

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Roy Johnson: We'll done

CEM McD: Hot so very sexy

Sam Uchiha: 2:13 he did

Lifigratis CHANNEL: grilla

eligualado: Mother freaker camera had to shoot her ass!!! idiot

Elizabeth Yeager: i agree with you.......!!!!!

Elizabeth Yeager: hot

A_Cast212: The perfect body.... Goddamn...

adnan bader: ذنب

methunshow: I need to know what day it she can hang around and tell me. lol

gökhan korkmaz: uuuuuu

Henry Bautista: its beez in the trap by nicki minaj !!! :)

xerxes frequncey: what song?

khris newsome: DANG GIRL

Than Toe Aung: ေကာင္ပါတယ္။ေကာင္ပါတယ္။

جابر الغزواتي: فاشلللل
BIKINI x MIAMI x Jessica Kylie - 2013 Calendar Shoot 5 out of 5

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Taylor Swift - 22
Taylor Swift - 22

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Roy Johnson: We'll done
Anood M: that hair tho
David G: slo te felicito por la colecccion pero vamos que dudo que hayas jugado a todo eso y mucho menos pasarte todos esos juegos. Me parece una locura y es imposible tener tiempo para jugar a todo. En mi opinion hay que ser más selectivo. Un saludo maestro!
KAProductionCP: Awesome Job Minda/Blake. Happy Early Christmas! Hope you guys have an Awesome Time! =D
sonyviva308: "Jezza help! I'm gonna get raped or something".

MrMusicAndWatch: Gotta love when this song plays when nothing else is happening besides his creepy stare.
BIKINI x MIAMI x Jessica Kylie - 2013 Calendar Shoot