BIKINI X MIAMI X Jessica Kylie - 2013 Calendar Shoot

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Roy Johnson: We'll done

TheRockstarGamer: Pause at 1:23 you'll thank me 

TiguanJay: Beautiful and sexy, her body is incredible. 

CEM McD: Hot so very sexy

Sam Uchiha: 2:13 he did

Lifigratis CHANNEL: grilla

eligualado: Mother freaker camera had to shoot her ass!!! idiot

Elizabeth Yeager: i agree with you.......!!!!!

Elizabeth Yeager: hot

A_Cast212: The perfect body.... Goddamn...

adnan bader: ذنب

methunshow: I need to know what day it she can hang around and tell me. lol

gökhan korkmaz: uuuuuu

Henry Bautista: its beez in the trap by nicki minaj !!! :)

xerxes frequncey: what song?

khris newsome: DANG GIRL

Than Toe Aung: ေကာင္ပါတယ္။ေကာင္ပါတယ္။

جابر الغزواتي: فاشلللل
BIKINI x MIAMI x Jessica Kylie - 2013 Calendar Shoot 5 out of 5

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Taylor Swift - 22
Taylor Swift - 22

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Kuldip Binning: I think this the best thing about this hobby, a chance to do something creative, and not have your figures standing on a self collecting dust. I really liked the set-ups.
Roy Johnson: We'll done
Carlos Mauricio Novella: Hey Josh! Good video! Keep up the good work all your videos are very informative. Is it possible for you to do a SAK project Morph shinguard review? Also what are the top 5 thinest shinguards in the market right now?
Leamdro De Paula: Very simple and tecnical.
Rod Maruca: Mannnn....great channel!!!! just happened to watch one of your videos the other day about the West Memphis 3 case....
Thumbs up for the way you do your work... not taking sides...just pure research...
For the investigation fans.... you are a must watch!
subscribed and now gonna catch up on your videos!
Great topics!

Bob Przybylski: Good video review, thanks. Watching the video made the assembly easier. 
uBreakIt iRepairIt: I haven't seen anyone yet that can open 5th/6th gen touch iPods w/o breaking/damaging the bezel. Looks like I'm going to have to make a video to show people how to do it.
BIKINI x MIAMI x Jessica Kylie - 2013 Calendar Shoot