How To Fix A Leak: Use Teflon Tape

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Synthematix: cant you use BOSS compound for this?

gjaeigjiajeg: thanks for the video! I knew it'd come in handy to watch it once before giving it a try. Also…. I really like how you specifically mentioned the term "teflon tape" like a hundred times in that span of 4 and a half minutes lol!

rockymontana1: What was  that a RAT,you pulled out of that pipe ?LOL...Good one Thanx

Artistram3d1: Thanks for mentioning how to apply the teflon tape in a clockwise fashion. I never knew that before. This video will help me greatly at home. Thank you Joe!

VideoJoeKnows: Cool! I knew you could do it!......Mr Plumber :0

VideoJoeKnows: Good job. Next time you're at the hardware store, you might want to pick up a roll....for future use. It's not very expensive & good to have around. Thanks for your response! Joe :0

Mike Threet: I used the teflon tape that came with a shower head I bought earlier.

Mike Threet: I just checked the cabinet under the sink. Dry and a bone. Thanks for your help.

VideoJoeKnows: Hey did it go? :0

Mike Threet: Thanks Video Joe. I will try it tomorrow. I think this will work for me. I will let you know. God bless buddy.

VideoJoeKnows: Ha! Good one! :0

1McMurdoSilver: What kind of tape is that again?

VideoJoeKnows: Ooooooppppssss. Had no idea that I said teflon tape that much. But at least I got 2 results from it.....I showed you which direction to apply.....& I made you laugh....such a bonus! Joe :0

Linda P: lolol thanks for the video! I have to fix a leak in an old pipe that goes out to my outside spigot and am glad I watched this. I prob would have applied it the wrong way.I wonder if you got paid for the number of times you said "Teflon Tape." It was pretty funny!

VideoJoeKnows: @sgbigsby1989 You're right, you shouldn't have to use teflon tape. If the rubber bushing is worn, or if the nylon ring is worn &/or if the plastic threads are worn on your trap piece or the plastic nut, it can cause a leak which teflon tape seems to fix about everytime. It would always be best to replace worn parts with new of course, but it seems that we don't live in a perfect world. That's when teflon tape comes in know until we get the new parts! Thanks for commenting. Joe :0

VideoJoeKnows: @die2self777 So glad you were able to find my channel! Always happy to help out. Thanks for commenting. Anytime you have a howto/DIY question, let me know. I'm here to help you with your projects. Joe :0

VideoJoeKnows: @argco1 Thanks for the tip! Joe :0

Peter Peerapun: Thanks bro! U saved my home from a flood! Wife n I thank u. Noah

argco1: if you need any teflon tape at wholesale prices... checkout and email for a discount

VideoJoeKnows: @TheJourneymanShow I've had plastic trap nuts leak before, without using teflon tape....brand new ones even. Every time I've used teflon tape, I have not had a leak so I figure I would continue using the tape, especially if the arm is coming out at a very slight angle or more of an angle like I was dealing with on this video. It was easier to fix with the teflon tape rather than going to the store & picking up more parts. Your comments do make sense though. Thanks for sharing! Joe :0

How to fix a leak: use teflon tape 5 out of 5

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How to fix a leak: use teflon tape