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Heather Lee: chromecast google xfinity comcast sucks

phil “DJ Phil A” andrew: is there any way to reroute audio back to phone or tablet in order for late night viewing?

syskj: I gave my crhomecast to my nephew since i got an apple tv.. but he tells me its still shows my old wifi password how can i fix this please? do i have to reset it to factory setting? thanks

buckandevie: do I have to have Wi-Fi for it to work, or can I use Bluetooth?

random user: i dont need hdmi audio extractor.

Carlos Diaz: Aye man i need help w this chromecast thing help!!

Beats Planet - Rap Beats / Instrumentals: The hdmi audio splitting is genius. Cuz that was the first gripe i had with this, even when i plug the chromecast directly into my Av receiver, the audio is ignored by my old receiver and passed to the crapty tv speakers. 

Heather smith (ChargedByTV): Thanks for Sharing!

danimal710: Hey +Android Authority, at 3:42 you mention the CEC control.  Is there a way to get my phone to switch my TV's source back to my cable box HDMI input when I'm done casting?

senamen seven: Note 3 will mirror everything. I use it to watch xmovies8. Its a great movie website. Lots of new movies and tv shows.

Fil Madzin: What plugin can I use to display local files on my chrome browser?

James Flick: How can you copy streaming to a dvd ?

khalid alshami: i tried to cast a movie on my TV using chroomcast , the movie did work but there was no audio???.

i downloaded file manger to cast movie and i did all the settings but yet didn't work  ???  
how can i cast movies from the hard drive easily? 

Ricky Gonzalez: If you want to cast personal stored videos or music to your ChromeCast from your phone try the juice for ChromeCast in the Google Play Store it's free to download and a one time fee of $29.9 for it to work. 

Robin Fennessy: I keep trying to download the Chrome Cast Extension it keeps failing...driving me nuts...any suggestions?

fernando iglesia: Wat about social media such as facebook

Joseph Hernandez: Great Job, Well Said... Thanks

yayati pahuja: How about mirroring your android device using Chromecast

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Chromecast Tips and Tricks
Chromecast Tips and Tricks
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Chromecast Tips and Tricks