Fastest PSE Bow On The Market: 2014 PSE Full Throttle

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Iron Underbelly: PSE,,, for people who don't know better.....

William Mocaby: Everyone here is missing the big big benefit of the speed. Like someone said, they can shoot 30 yds with one pin, why not 50 with one pin?...because there bow dosent generate the power...speed takes alot of the guess work out when you have a quick encounter and can't utilize a range finder. Or maybe you want to shoot a 500 grain projectile to 30 yds with one pin.....the benefits are always there, but you will always give up, noise on the shot, vibration, brace height=shootability/consistency, usually weigh, and the draw cycle is much more difficult.

Steven Deakles: idiots don't always need speed focus on accuracy i got a $100 bow and put pass through double lung shots at 40yds all day long

Milan Šekularac: Impressive cam. But if you drop it, will it survive?

Don Lee: Well that is what I'm looking for.

Don Lee: Well that is what I'm looking for.

TheSwampbuck1962: speed is relative.. my wife shoots a Browning micro adrenilin [pse]@42# and has pass throughs all the time she shoots the same pin out to 30 yards..

I love PSE have shot them for years, but to get the speeds they advertise you have to shoot a 30 inch draw and max poundage.. My draw is 27.5 on my axe6 and I shoot 70# and hover just above 300 fps..This year I actually dropped to 63# and still gettin 295..   

I love the fact that PSE is building the fastest bows, but try not to get all tangled up in the fact. It's more about shot placement and the broadhead you shoot.

k123332: Love PSE, just can see buying something that is so much, and there will be a new design in 2 years to replace it.

Hunter Frohning: Cams look similar to my Dream Season GX love PSE and there products

Krunoslav Šokić: ...although I don't own bow of any kind I really like how that oversized cams look...:)

Oh ! C'mon, Really ?: ebryhundred eleven bucks?  how much is that ? 

dario carreiro: Comon people its a bow it dont matter who makes it does the same job ..all the brand purists always bashing another manufacturer for one upping another ...does it matter ...its like chevy vs ford glock vs 1911. They all get the job done. I have a pse 3g still taking them down with that dinosaur lol..if I need it to go faster I just grab the rem 700 30.06 ..were all archers who love our craft no company Is really better than another ..its just how it feels in your hands is all ....they all get it done 

Angelica Samuel: In regards to the brace height...taking "speed" out of the conversation for a second...there have been several independent slow motion videos of the high performance/low brace height bows vs the higher brace/slower bows.
The thing that affects "accuracy" the most is the shooter and his form. Higher brace heights were always considered "more forgiving" however the "higher" brace heights keep the arrow in the possession of the shooter for "longer times" giving the shooter "more time" to torque, grab, flinch or drop his bow arm greatly impeding the accuracy down range. The high performance/faster "low" brace height bows keep the arrow in the possession of the shooter way less time and the arrow leaves the bow "sooner" giving the archer less time to impede downrange accuracy with poor form. Its not my opinion...its a video proven fact. Basically, they offset each other regarding brace height. I hope this helps people who are worried about the shorter brace heights on ALL makes and models of bows. 

PS...I shoot a Strother Archery bow but my fiance and his 2 sons are die hard PSE shooters. 

kingrider75: 5 1/4 brace height is all I had to hear lol. I'm sure it's a fantastic bow but it couldn't be a very forgiving hunting rig. Thanks but know thanks. I'll take less speed to hot what I'm aiming at.

eric mcclelland: pse just keep making better bows each year.if i didnt love my hoyts so much i would have a pse over any other bow! not just for the speed but for the quality. why drive a chevette when you could drive a corvette!

Bradford Stokes: The PSE rep should know these stats off the top of his head instead of reading them. How did he become a rep? He's a terrible salesman. (I own a PSE, btw) 

Dwikkles: PSE guy's a little annoying but cool bow. I wonder how bad the vibration is when shooting. What spine arrow do you need for that?

Austin Allen: yet, pullin a bow without an arrow. This guy is a joke. He has videos where he tells you to stick an screw driver in your cams to lock the bow half rotated to change strings and cables. Please avoid this place. Must be why he is stricly mathews and pse, No one would sell their bows off his shelves. 

CedaredgeCustoms: The thing sounds like a shotgun going off! And the cam looks like it would break the first time you bumped it. Great Job PSE. Keep building them speed bows and selling them to the sheep. 5-1/2 brace height. Boy I bet that's a shooter.

TJ Huerd: Love reading all these posts where PSE haters have to Hate. I shoot a bear atm but have shot PSE and loved it. Hoyt, PSE, and Bear so far make the best shooting bows I've experienced. Mathews bows are smooth but do not make the speed they claim very often and the grips have to be changed out if you want them to fit your hand properly. Not one Mathews bow has fit my grip yet. Diamond and bowtech are nice but seem to be very picky about arrows. when Limbsavers were actually easy to find those bows did not balance in hand well and always seemed to slap my arm. Instead of bitching about a bow because it's not your brand of choice do what I did. Start out with no brand preference and shot as many bows as you can and find which one fits you then keep with that bow and do the same with your next bow. I think Mathews bows are ugly but that does not stop me from giving them an honest chance when I am looking for a new bow.

Fastest PSE Bow on the Market: 2014 PSE Full Throttle 5 out of 5

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Fastest PSE Bow on the Market: 2014 PSE Full Throttle
Fastest PSE Bow on the Market: 2014 PSE Full Throttle
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FrankSr1st: I have an 07 as well.  I'll be using this video to change my switch.  I heard that when pressing on the power button and there is no motor noice, then it can be the switch.  Also, not sure if there is a fuse for the power window.  Does anyone know if there is a fuse that can be changed?
Fastest PSE Bow on the Market: 2014 PSE Full Throttle