TRIO Stealth G2 With WiFi 10.1' Touchscreen Tablet

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Samin Craft: My trio is terrible if you touch and hold to long it glitches out as if I'm tapping every ware I checked the touch and hold delay and everything I could do! P,ease help D

Kartiear Simmons: Um I have a Question

ron leblanc: Battery drains very fast after being fully charged even though apps are not running....what gives?

amy wheyster: This is my third replacement. Im not happy with it at all. The same issue happened with all three. I thought it was me at first. I have the trio stealth 8. This one had the same issue, but only, I cant start it nor reset it. I did try pressing the power button and the volume button, nothing at all. My screen reads' TRIO STEALTH G2 '. THATS ALL THE FAR IT gets. :( so disappointed. 

Luis Toribio: How do you open the tablet my sisters broke and I want to fix it

Carroll Ware: I also think tablet was sent back and when I bough it had some music and pictures that I would think would not been on it had it been set to factory reset.

Victor Ulises Guardado Garcia: hi my frend my table no run, what is the problem

shelia cox: How do I rese the Trio stealth g2 Hype?

Curtis Collins: My 10.1 is charging very slow..I don't know if I hit something to make it do 

Johnethan McGavock: my tablet is staying on the @ 9 duelcore page??? help plz

Billy Lara: Can You help My Tablet Wont Go past the a9 dual core part when its just starting up:"(

Bob Ross: My screen is stuck at @9dualcore what do i do!!!!

FatheredPuma81: Don't get Trios... I have a Trio Stealth G2 and it fried its self... (Sleeping while charging it fried itsself) I give the thing a 2/10.

Ashley Addair: Half of my screen won't work and it makes it difficult to use and play games with do you know if I can fix it or not

consuelo beltran: Lo peor que puede existir,me ha pasado de todo,ya no puedo bajar ninguna aplicación,por favor recojerlas para que no salgan a la venta no engañen más a las personas con esta porqueria

jessica ramirez: this is the most horrible device EVER lol .. I purchased it for my 11 y/o daughter and have had to factory reset it 3 times. This time however while using the tablet it shut off and the battery wasn't even completely depleted and now it isn't even charging. It will not charge with the charger or with the USB. I have opened it up to check the charger port and nothing seems to be wrong w the hardware. I am literally disgusted with this tablet.

bgibson51632: Biggest piece of junk I have purchased. Total waste of a hundred bucks. Don't waste your money. I have returned 2of these services and the third one doesn't work either.

Kayla Humbert: Is there any place in Uniontown where I can get the screen fixed... The screen is cracked on the inside and it won't let me press buttons

Susan Bullock: Do you have any idea as to why my tablet is displaying a message "all programs have stopped" I cannot open tablet.

doris freeman: I purchased one in December for a Christmas gift and in February it began to act up.. it won't go pass the start up screen that displays Trio Icon

Angela Washington: I also have this tablet... I purchased it about two weeks ago. It's now stuck on the trio stealth g2 screen.. I have tried using the reset on the back NOTHING works to get me beyond this screen... HELP!!!!

Carroll Ware: also the tablet will not run tango or shazam so If you have any suggestions and recommendations I would appreciate it I really want to be able to use realplayer cloud and am considering returning the tablet and seeing if I order the next one up: which has quad core and android 4.2

ron leblanc: Once again I'm having problems with this tablet,I had to reset it again because like before it just refused to get pass the log in screen now each time I try to log on I must put in the wireless code and the Google password,although all the apps have been saved in my apps I can't access them,I've had this tablet for only approximately 3 months to be getting these issues....please offer any suggestions that would help it's getting to a point of frustration to use it....Ugh!!

Carroll Ware: I have several times to attempt to install real player cloud and it sates that my device is not compatible. I have no idea as to why my tablet has 1 gig of ram, 10 gig free space, dual core, only thing I can think of it might be because of Android 4.1 which my phone has android 4.2.2. The reason I wanted it to run on my tablet because my phone only has a limited amount of space 2 gigs of course my phone is a quad core so not sure if that makes any difference at all.

Jesus Marrufo: Hello arc ; I'm having trouble with my tablet every time in turn it on it gets stuck on the @9 dual core thing it doesn't want to get pass it & I have charge it for four hours /: please help & reply back as soon as possible./:

alexlove190: On mine I have to keep turning the tablet on different screen angles to hit buttons. How do I stop this?

Jenny Knaup: I have this tablet and my son loves it. I am having charging issues. The port seems to be loose I am wondering if this is under warrantee

Renee Goveny: Are you sure you know what you're talking about ???? Some of the ANDROID world need a little more info ;)

vrom26: How are you liking it so far? Mine sucks!!!! I got that same one for christmas and lately it's one problem after another. First the wifi kept turning off. Now since last night it doesn't even turn on it just gets stuck on the A9 dual core screen and nothing else happens after that. Any idea on what I can do?

Tania Scherer: After I turn it on it goes from the 1st setup part and stops at the @9Dual Core and wont do anything elsr what can I do to get it to the main screen

Marqushia Wright: my keyboard is not working on my tablet. it keeps telling me unfortunately your Google keyboard has stop working. I tried resetting the tablet and it still doesn't work.

doris freeman: I purchased one in December for a Christmas gift and in February it began to act up.. it won't go pass the start up screen that displays Trio Icon

Scarlette Jones: Does it have a plastic sreen or a glass screen i get mines tomarrow?

shanda seidel: I have had nothing but trouble with mine. Now it won't even turn on. Please help

Saulem Carnado: Does anyone know if that Tablet reads PDF files?

leslii salinas: hello mine doesn't want to turn on.. it says it is dead so I charge it & it turns on only to the main screen.. what do I do? please help../:

April Chase: I have tried everything to get my tablet off the "@9 dual core " screen and nothing works.......can someone please help me?

travisp11: We also picked up one of these at Walmart on Black Friday and have been pretty happy with it so far. Seems like the battery life has improved since we have charged and nearly fully discharged it a few times.

Jada Martin: I got the trio stealth g2 tablet in 7 inch and I need to know how to delete videos on you tube plz help me

Deborah Derck: hello, my nephew has had this for 2 month and it wont go past the inital trio stealth G2 screen, I have tried the reset, it will not come one. I plug it into my computer and the usb port does not reconize it at all. Please help with any advise. Thank you

Connie Martinez: Arc; how do I log out of Facebook? Not sure how to do that. Thanks

alisha ali: hi this tablet is not how ppl say it is it is good enough for wat ever you'd like to do with it i have mine for 3 month with no trouble it just need to be treated with care

CeCeTalent .: Mine got messed up ;(

Marqushia Wright: My tablet isn't working as far as using my keyboard it keeps telling me unfortunately your Google keyboard has stopped working. I have tried resetting it and everything is still not working please help.

Tatum Owens: Does anyone know of this tablet having any trouble reading SD cards? I bought a 16 GB micro SD card, which was what the manual said was needed. It was a SanDisk. I guess the tablet is having a hard time recognizing it. When I insert it, it says "Preparing SD card," but when I try to mount it, it won't let me. Then I take it out and it says, "Removing SD card," so I'm assuming that it recognizes it, but I don't understand why it won't let me mount it or do anything with it once it's in. Do I maybe need a different card, or what?

CHANN3LZERO: Trio Stealth is nice, However, Lots of it have Factory defected issue, I returned mine, It is a great Tablet if you have one that is behaving normal, Now I have a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 but rather have a nice 10" Trio, I had mine fully customized with Video Live Wallpaper, Active Weather and Lots of Sidebars and Status bars then it crashed, deleted all of my work, It was nice and smooth and thats what I like about it, just gonna have to try another Trio and hope its not defected.

mandy benefield: I'm having problems w/mine. bought it 4 my four yr old daughter. it hasn't been dropped or gotten wet. it will cut off and on but thats it. Any suggestions

blargh woswer: i am having trouble with TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1" i am trying to make a google account and it switches me to wifi. when i try to find a wifi network i put in the right password and it says authentication problem. anyone else have this problem?

Ana Paredes: When i try to turn it on ,the trio logo just freeze or something and it cannot turn on, how i reset it or how i can fix that?

TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1" Touchscreen Tablet 3.9 out of 5

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TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1