TRIO Stealth G2 With WiFi 10.1' Touchscreen Tablet

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Sonia Butts: and my tablet has 8 gb not 16

Sonia Butts: the tablet run on Android jellybean

Julie Leek: I just bought this trio stealth g5

James Wadsworth: Hey my name is James Wadsworth and I have the exact same tablet and was wandering if u know what the problem is when I turn it on it won't go pass the loading screen trio stealth G2 then freezes if u know plz help I'll appreciate it thanks 

Moosikluverluver: What many do not know is that like a laptop or desktop, your tablet or smart phone can get a virus or become corrupted because of whatever you have done. Since the dawn of smart phones I've blown through ten phones and 4 tablets. Three of those phone stopped powering on and wouldn't charge because my sdcard had become corrupted after putting my own music on it. I've also had two tablets and a phone that would shut down programs and power off on its own. they had become corrupted by malware. And for people giving them to children, its probably your kid not the tablet. so make sure next tablet or smart phone you download some type of anti virus app like "Avast". also don't let the sun shine on it don't take pictures of it unless you want the black screen of death and don't leave it in heat like in your car while your in Walmart. A lot of you are waisting your money just because you lack the knowledge of how to care for your products. many problems I've read today could have been easily avoided. I was once lost and mad like you until Someone shared this with me. oh yeah you will not know if you tablet has become corrupted or infected until it starts to act up. all apps are not good and refrain from overcharging.

Culan Goofy: ...Lenovo has unveiled a trio of new mobile tablet devices this morning....  While the tablets are likely to be branded under the IdeaTab moniker outside of China, it..., the Lenovo S2005 will straddle the line between tablet and phone, entering a market... TRIO Stealth Tablet with  : Get one for yourself you, i found it good prize New.

Christella Ngigi: i had it and it always crashed

HardLuckGTV: I might buy one soon. It's the cheapest 10.1 tablet on the market. I'm aware of the negative reviews

Keith S: It's junk I've tryed everything I just gave up on it and through it away got tired of it saying application for closing application not working processor not responding gmail stop working Google play stop work it's junk I'll stick with apple 200$ down the drain...

Yvan Ferrer: Should I buy a trio 10.1

Yvan Ferrer: Trio

Yvan Ferrer: Does your trip still work

Yvan Ferrer: This guy is the best when he is presenting about tablets

Vladimir Putin: Still own it? How has it been? 
Thinking of buying one.

Billie Jo Wilken: I've had to factory reset my trio 10.1 dual core tablet 3 times in the past. Now it does the factory reset on its own and won't download anything. Please Help.

joel medina ramirez: donde puedo conseguir la rom de esta tablet ayuda porfavor

Annette Butler: What can be done to reboot the trio?  I continue to get an error message on the scene when its turned on.  If I touch "ok" on the error message it just pops right back up again.  It is competely none functioning at this point.  Can it be reset? or rebooted to work?

Alyssa Ricci: Hello quick question does this have a usb port? I assume not since most tablets don't but I just bought a bluetooth keyboard but I see that this does not have bluetooth capabilities, however someone said that I could connect it via micro usb, do you know how that would be possible? Thanks in advance!

Minette Lewis: My trio will not reset nor do anything. it just say A@09.. I want to know how to take off the back and find the battery.

TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1" Touchscreen Tablet 5 out of 5

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TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1
TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1" Touchscreen Tablet
TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1
TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1" Touchscreen Tablet DEMO!
TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1
TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1" Touchscreen Tablet (Unboxing) Cyber Monday Sale!
TRIO Stealth G2 Elite Dual/Core 10.1 Android Tablet Update1#
TRIO Stealth G2 Elite Dual/Core 10.1 Android Tablet Update1#
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TRIO Stealth 4.3 Android Tablet

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TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1