TRIO Stealth G2 With WiFi 10.1' Touchscreen Tablet

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alexlove190: On mine I have to keep turning the tablet on different screen angles to hit buttons. How do I stop this?

Luis Toribio: How do you open the tablet my sisters broke and I want to fix it

Connie Martinez: Min just arrived today 12/7/2013. Getting acquainted with it. Thanks for posting; was helpful

travisp11: We also picked up one of these at Walmart on Black Friday and have been pretty happy with it so far. Seems like the battery life has improved since we have charged and nearly fully discharged it a few times.

Arcmatter: TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1" Touchscreen Tablet

Connie Martinez: Arc; how do I log out of Facebook? Not sure how to do that. Thanks

FatheredPuma81: Don't get Trios... I have a Trio Stealth G2 and it fried its self... (Sleeping while charging it fried itsself) I give the thing a 2/10.

pc gamerzboyz: does this tablet freeze very often when the hard drive is full and how is the ram on this tablet

Saulem Carnado: Does anyone know if that Tablet reads PDF files?

Blaze Flame: How many megapixels is the camera?

blargh woswer: i am having trouble with TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1" i am trying to make a google account and it switches me to wifi. when i try to find a wifi network i put in the right password and it says authentication problem. anyone else have this problem?

Samin Craft: My trio is terrible if you touch and hold to long it glitches out as if I'm tapping every ware I checked the touch and hold delay and everything I could do! P,ease help D

Scarlette Jones: Does it have a plastic sreen or a glass screen i get mines tomarrow?

Mr Nappy: omg having trouble making my clock digital on the homescreen, please help. 

Clay B: So for primarly light games and ebook reading, would this suffice in your opinion?

Ashley Addair: Half of my screen won't work and it makes it difficult to use and play games with do you know if I can fix it or not

Sammi Danni: i am having a problem with this tablet . I had my earphones in listening to music and I accidentally dropped it . When I picked it up The corners where the power and volume button opened . I tried listening to music and sound won't play Anymore and the earphones port is loose and it only works in one headphone when I hold it a certain way Do I have to get another one or what 

Staci: Has anyone tried uninstalling the google keyboard and installing another keyboard?

Kayla Humbert: Is there any place in Uniontown where I can get the screen fixed... The screen is cracked on the inside and it won't let me press buttons

amy wheyster: This is my third replacement. Im not happy with it at all. The same issue happened with all three. I thought it was me at first. I have the trio stealth 8. This one had the same issue, but only, I cant start it nor reset it. I did try pressing the power button and the volume button, nothing at all. My screen reads' TRIO STEALTH G2 '. THATS ALL THE FAR IT gets. :( so disappointed. 

SmokingNinja69: Its stable but its been a little slow with loading HD videos on YouTube and loading some app pages but I am a little further away from my router than everyone else in my home so...I guess its doing well

Bob Ross: My screen is stuck at @9dualcore what do i do!!!!

Al Soto: How long does the battery last? The box and specs say 8 hours, but mine last 2 hours. Also do u know how to root it? I wanted to see if I use another rom and see if that helps the battery life.

mskoffeebrown: I purchased this tablet and loved how speedy it was. The screen resolution was beautiful. However there some down falls. The sound was horrible. Why create a great tablet and the sound was crap. Second there were certain apps such as my DirecTV that wasn't supported. So I returned it. I hated to give it up.

Emily Orris: my screen wont adjust when I turn the tablet, is there something I need to do?

shelia cox: How do I rese the Trio stealth g2 Hype?

Victor Ulises Guardado Garcia: hi my frend my table no run, what is the problem

amber Herzog: Tablet is froze at the trio sign how do I get it to work right again 

George Job: does it have a MIni-HDMI port , and what does it actually do , can we connect to an HDTV ?

April Chase: I have tried everything to get my tablet off the "@9 dual core " screen and nothing works.......can someone please help me?

alisha ali: hi this tablet is not how ppl say it is it is good enough for wat ever you'd like to do with it i have mine for 3 month with no trouble it just need to be treated with care

Jasmine Mayes: Soo my tablet wont go past the dual core sign. I reseted it and its fully charged. I dont know what to do ):

MzForever Houston: Hello what browsers is this using and his can I make internet explore my main browser for my school only allow it.

Tania Scherer: After I turn it on it goes from the 1st setup part and stops at the @9Dual Core and wont do anything elsr what can I do to get it to the main screen

Shakeil Pinoock: Hello Arcmatter nice video, I was just wondering if it had bluetooth. Does it?

ron leblanc: Battery drains very fast after being fully charged even though apps are not running....what gives?

Johnethan McGavock: my tablet is staying on the @ 9 duelcore page??? help plz

vrom26: How are you liking it so far? Mine sucks!!!! I got that same one for christmas and lately it's one problem after another. First the wifi kept turning off. Now since last night it doesn't even turn on it just gets stuck on the A9 dual core screen and nothing else happens after that. Any idea on what I can do?

Adam Henry: First off... THANK YOU! I've been waiting forever for a video on this tablet... So I know that Trio is a Apollo Brand (Says on the website) and I know their headphones (JLAB) has great costumer support but does that Trio tablet division share the great support? And does the tablet need a special pin or is it like the micro USB where you can use other tablet pins? Say the smaller Trio models or like the Acers? 

Curtis Collins: My 10.1 is charging very slow..I don't know if I hit something to make it do 

DJ SPHIN6X: The question is would you recommend to buy this tablet? 

Cary Cleckler: mine doesn't work out of the box and only loads up to the stealth logo

Carroll Ware: I also think tablet was sent back and when I bough it had some music and pictures that I would think would not been on it had it been set to factory reset.

Carlo Molina: As i read below, I have the same problem tablet get freeze in the A9 processor icon loading process, so what you recomend to do make a hard reset solve this problem? Thank you very much for any answer and coments.

Camya Mcleod: mines wont turn on and it has been on the charger all night

CHANN3LZERO: Trio Stealth is nice, However, Lots of it have Factory defected issue, I returned mine, It is a great Tablet if you have one that is behaving normal, Now I have a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 but rather have a nice 10" Trio, I had mine fully customized with Video Live Wallpaper, Active Weather and Lots of Sidebars and Status bars then it crashed, deleted all of my work, It was nice and smooth and thats what I like about it, just gonna have to try another Trio and hope its not defected.

Rashid Rice: I have this exact tablet. Does anyone else have issue with some of the keys not working after rotating from portrait to landscape. Keys such as the A, Q, W keys. Also the back button as well as other keys. I have to rotate the tablet all around to get the keys to work. Anybody....?

Kalika El: mine turns on but gets stuck when it shows the screen at 2:58 how do I fix this

TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1" Touchscreen Tablet 3.9 out of 5

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TRIO Stealth G2 with WiFi 10.1