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SIA WHITE: I want you happy!!
Jakub Sadowski: The figures presentated in the first fifth of this video seem extremely suspect. They sound like sensationalist nonsense.
Chad B: Everything is dying..Bowling alleys, Bars to Mini Golf courses..
Dodge 98: can I ask or this car for seals..? if for seals plz call me on this number 00966559431191
Henry Rosas: u also plays COC IM also waiting for my iphone 6s like u XD
x: まぐにぃさん!この動画大好きです!この動画見返せばわかると思うんですけど、今と何かが足りないんです。っていうか何かがなくなりつつあるんです。
devon santiago: 0:35 ya dun freaked up
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