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38abigail83: Alicia says here that: "the project is designed to celebrate the brilliance and resillience of black people..." and "we advocate those types of tactics that really shake up the comfort level." I've created through pursuit of happiness by diligent work a level of comfort that i don't want shaken. I find Alicia's words threatening. I'll defend against anybody who comes to smash my windows and loot my property. In another 50 years we'll see a "New and Improved Civil Rights movement."
musaddiqali1: Hats off to his honesty...
wonderwall135: why is everyone british?
MegaMidgetNinja: "Cinnamon."
J Koch: Man, those V10 TDIs must be a BITCH to work on! When you showed the location of the fuel & water pumps - which look buried - wow!
EmceeGeek: @luvya325 for laptops you can use wi-fi or an ethernet cable
Jim McCray: It makes no sense to me that Miles didn't just shut the hell up and leave when te cop told him too. It's like he wanted to get caught or de-masked or whatever. Is he really that dumb? Putting aside that, I realy like him.
WWE Wrestlemania 30 - John Cena vs Bray Wyatt - Full Match HD