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Theunbreakable Ly: too low if we join drug investigation
Honor Neal: Sometimes just living with synesthesia effects me a lot. I almost cried before because my teacher drew September 18th in blue instead of red. I don't read often because the colors distract me to much
Denny Martin: Good one... Thanks.
David Housseal: In my tin I have added a trick birthday candle that way if it is windy I don't have to relight it over and over. Don't know if alot of people have the same idea but if keeps me from going thru a bunch of matches or using fuel in my lighter I'm all for it.
biko tecson: kami rin sydney kita kits
xxxsonicshake: ウルトラエッグはいくつ持っているんですか
Doug Cook: Check out ny videos
Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs -