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uscgalpha91: Security firms like Well Fargo use the 64. Most of the time the wear on the grip is from a Seat belt buckle as they are in and out of a vehicle.. I have purchased 4 of these guns. I change out the hammer and it goes back to SA/DA. J&G has the guns for $259. I used mine on the ranch to dispatch downed game. Super accurate and the replacement hammer was about $20 from S&W directly. I taught my daughter to shoot on this model and gave it to her when she turned 23. These guns are basically indestructible target revolvers. The plus P ammo kickes up the horsepower.
Farinchi Manzuki: I like how, whenever something happens he looks at his second screen for LOLs or tips.
Joshua Rosario: gah, i really wanted to love the bag but ive been around it for a couple of months and what happens to the strap annoys me. due to the sharpness of the brass zipper and the straps closeness to that zipper, the strap gets frayed and damaged. i went with the padded computer bag. 
Estella Campos: Love it love love iiiiiiiittttttt
Alex Carnell: it lagged up my whole laptop
Annette Payne: late to the party on this one but anyway, this girl is cool.
Silver Shocks Crew EdenByrom15 and NeveByrom15: Erm it's still wave 2 the monsters is wave 2 is abbey Draculaura Clawdeen spectra Lagoona and robbeca I've got all of Lagoona spectra and robbeca
imagenes de babosas de bajoterra 2