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Jonathan flores: It is not compatible anymore With my Iphone 4 ! :@ :C
kellsarah: While the Cuisinart is more aesthetically pleasing, and seems to address some of the shortcomings of the B70 with the My K-Cup storage, and the larger water reservoir. The Keurig has better customer service and warranty replacement. These machines both have the same internal parts, including the solenoid that always fails. When it fails you call up Keurig, they try to solve your problem, but ultimately the only way to solve it is to replace the machine. So they will ship you a new one and ask that you return the K-Cup holder part of the machine, this costs about $2.50 to ship. Cuisinart on the other hand wants you to ship them the whole machine on your dime +$10 for return shipping to diagnose your problems. Go with the uglier Keurig machine the shortcomings are not worth the headache down the road. BTW, DO NOT BUY THE SS-700 CUISINART REFURBISHED, when they refurb this model they DO NOT replace the solenoid that fails and leaks all over the internal parts inside the machine, and most of the time they won't even work right out of the box.
austing10: i have have that tube best tube ever
Ragnaros Ibz: joder vaya maquina ojala algun dia pueda sacar alguno asi enhorabuena
chrifus31037: The 2012 FR is AWESOME in white !
masu gaya: ปรับให้ตัวละครมันอยู่ทางซ้ายยังไงหรอคัฟ ทำไมมันไม่อยู่ตรงกลาง
SingleSweetGirl: กระชับกว่านี้ก็จะดีนะคะ
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