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Tasos Lechoudis: Can I use on iPhone 5s without having any problem wit the flash???
Glenn Dunlea: crap No underarmor??
AsktheTechies: @MurrayNJ08 Thanks for taking the time to say so! :-)
dante67ify: Fidati,lo so.Il mio più vecchio amico lui era.
Aya Mur: annoying girl...really annoying
Chris Ragone: Your P239 is DA/SA not DAK. Also, to test the reset: Safety check the gun, point in a safe direction, pull the trigger. Hold the trigger in the rearward position and cycle the slide then slowly release the trigger and you will be able to feel the trigger reset. If your SIG doesn't already have it you may want to try the short reset trigger from SIG. Very nice pistol. Good choice.
AliveGaming: @!!MBPLAYS!! Sure!
Tutorial video Philips Picopix PPX 2330 - Iphone 4S