Tanfoglio Stock 3 Vs CZ 75B And CZ 75 Shadow

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War Material: boss popular ba 147gr 9mm bullets Jan sa pinas? cz shadow ko dito 930-880fps ang speed Nya sa 147gr load with 3.7gr bullseye. nice video boss!

Juan Manuel Garcia: Polygonal barrel? Both the same lenght? What are you trying to accomplish here?

JayzBeerz: What was the length of each barrel? The TaNfoglio probably had a shorter barrel.

farman ullah: Tanfoglio fps is slower then cz75 .why?

Jeff Gibson: Check it again after its had as many rounds fired through it as the others. There is a break in period for barrels. Also barrel length makes a big difference. 

StratonachoArg: So you're saying that if i get hit by a bullet coming from a Tanfoglio i'll be fine? Should i be affraid of CZs?

Johnny Pike: I will take a CZ 75 SHADOW any day, hands down.

BJ AMMO: Is incredible the diference bettwen CZ and TANFOGLIO power factor IPSC , I buy Tanfoglio STOCK III and sell CZ SHADOW, I think that make a mistake

Alphatrg22: Have you tried copper jacketed bullets. I find that in my SPO1, for the same bullet head weight and powder drop, my FPS for copper jacketed hollow points is higher than using Lead Round Nose. I will be trying the same JHP bullets with the Tanfoglio and will be checking them via chronograph - I am expecting the same results as the SP01.

BurnDuration: The velocity differences are from variations in the ammo loading: bullet weights, powder charge, and overall weight. Variations in MOA accuracy is due to the barrel and ammo. You could blame lead or copper build up, but not likely.

nathoi: no doubt...the cz sp01 shadow is the shooters choice at IPSC.in fact, this is the winningest pistol there.take note CZ pistols are copied by most european FA makers and that includes Tanfoglio.

Gerard Lee: they gave you a new barrel? so the barrel was the problem.. post a new video on it

leonardimas1: taht's right, be happy

cz75i: If you happen to compete in IPSC sanctioned matches like in production division, it makes alot of difference because even you will score all aphas in all courses of fire of the match but your pistol fails the chronograph test you will get zero score for the whole match & you will just be competing for fun. IPSC matches requires accuracy, power and speed. By the way, Tanfoglio replaced the barrel of my stock 3 and it now gives similar velocity as my CZs pistols and a tight grouping. I'm happy.

leonardimas1: you don't speak from the targeted precision,only the speed,but what you thing,30 or 40 fps make the difference??the precision is important,an the Tanfoglio you can adjust the visor for the side,the CZ75 can the not adjust the visor,little thing but must important when you wont a calibratet and good gun

Gun Basics Philippines: Great video! Very helpful data and appropriate comparison!

stone4bread: Is the barrel shorter on the TZ? What is causing the drop in velocity?

Alphatrg22: Great post! I have my eye on the TZ SIII. Lesson learned - break in the barrel of the TZ before using the same loads with the CZ. Thank you.

Stephen Aniceto: I also found out that the barrel of the Stock III needs a lot of FMJ for break-in. My Shadow is good to go out of the box. But I have my eyes set on the Stock II instead :)

cz75i: You made right decision in choosing the CZ Shadow, no doubt its an excellent pistol like my Shadow I have no complain against it. It shoots well and fit my hand perfectly. I maybe bias because most pistols I have are CZ (including CZ 75 IPSC Standard in .40 S&W) and they didn't gave me any problem in performance or mechanical wise. I tried the Stock III because it has good reviews from gun forum and endorsed by Eric Grauffel. And because it has the same feel and structure as the Shadow.

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
Tanfoglio Stock 3 vs CZ 75B and CZ 75 Shadow 5 out of 5

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Tanfoglio Stock 3 vs CZ 75B and CZ 75 Shadow