Ruger Mk III Update - Volquartsen Sear, Mag Safety Mod, Red Dot

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Steve Lempitski: JUNK! I will stick with my 1976 standard model....No mag disconnects, or loaded indicators to jam the action...Further it shoots ALL brands of 22 lr ammo flawlessly....Cant say that about a MK III

TANDEMKROSS: Our bushing works fantastic with the Volquartzen hammer. We made sure that it would fit well and work with that upgrade. You can drop in our bushing and it will remove the Magazine Safety for your Mark III. Check out our website!

TexasHeavan: Just dropped in the volquartsen hammer and bushing for the mark II into my mark III and it couldn't have been easier. Mag drops free trigger feels much better but lets not leave out reassembly easy easy oh yea easy. Best mod you could do.

Beastie Saxdady: I'm setting my sight for my older mark 2 up just like yours. I'm jealous over your magazine release quick release action. nice job. I paid 38.66 to my door for that rail, I was having a hard time justifying the higher cost but I really see the difference in quallity with in now installed.

tal3nt: Excellent camera

sintax77: @schmen226 I know someone who bought the MKii hammer bushing and it worked great for them. I almost went that route (it only would have cost $20), but when I learned about the DIY method, the Hacker in me couldn't resist having a new project. Works flawlessly and the fact that it only cost 10 cents was a bonus too :)

schmen226: @sintax77 Did you consider just going to a MK II hammer and bushing? Just curious because that seems to be the simpler solution, but don't want to go down that road if you already tried it and found it wanting. Thanks for the info and the video!

sintax77: @dannn4au2000 Yeah it's the base model, not drilled or tapped. I checked my Amazon order history, it's a "Weigand Ruger MKI MKII 22/45 No Gunsmithing Scope Mount ". Don't be scared off by the fact that it doesn't mention MKiii specifically. It works fine. Just make sure to use some LocTite on the mounting screws and it shouldn't go anywhere.

sintax77: @schmen226 Yes I replaced the hammer bushing, but I went the DIY route with two 5mm washers and one larger #10 SAE washer. They'll need to be filed down a bit to get a good fit. Run a search for a YouTuber named "FredHart". He made a three part video about disabling the mag safety that helped me do mine.

schmen226: I also have a MK III that I installed the Volquartsen sear and hammer, but I was running into problems with the magazine safety disconnect hanging up. What did you do to drop the mag disconnect, did you replace the hammer bushing?

dannn4au2000: This is the standard correct? What scope base adapter did you use? Did you have to remove the rear sight? If you could give me the info about that and the red dot you have I'd apreciate it. Thanks

MK ULTRA: @sintax77 I will try to find them online. Thanks for all the help and support. Take care.

MK ULTRA: @sintax77 Really??? i would have never guessed. I have a couple of snap caps for my 06. Take care.

sintax77: @joeblo86 I bought them second-hand from another member at my pistol club who didn't end up using them. I honestly don't know a whole lot about them other than the fact that they are made by Hogue. hmmmm, trying to remember if he gave me the original packaging with it. If I figure out the model I'll re-post...

sintax77: @joeblo86 Thanks, you make a good point that I probably should have thrown on the video for other people with .22lr pistols. Dry firing is usually terrible for the reasons you noted. In the case of the MarkIII though, it is actually perfectly safe due to it's design (firing pin stop in the bolt). I wasn't easily convinced either, but it's confirmed on Rugers website FAQ, In fact the manual instructs dry firing as part of field stripping. Good looking out though, I appreciate it!

MK ULTRA: I was also wondering where you got those grips? i have the factory wood grips, which are nice, but i want the ones you have. Any help? Check out my channel, i subbed and friended ya. Take care. LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYN

MK ULTRA: Really nice pistol. I have a similar MK II. I dont know if you are familar with snap caps. Dry firing a rimfire is really really bad for the firing pin. When you do this, the firing pin has nothing to cushion its release, ie primer, snap cap, empty casing, and so on. On a centerfire the firing pin when dry fired goes beyond it is suppose to. Too much of this and it will get weak and break, or stay stuck in fire position. I have had all of these problems with older firearms. Just a tip.

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Ruger Mk III Update - Volquartsen Sear, Mag Safety Mod, Red Dot 5 out of 5

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Ruger Mk III Update - Volquartsen Sear, Mag Safety Mod, Red Dot